Making a university application can be both exciting and daunting and you'll probably have lots of questions.

When you start your student life at Christ Church, our specialist advisers can provide advice and support about anything that's worrying you about your studies. 

Starting your University life

Once you have accepted an offer to study with us, you can find out more through our Student Portal. Additionally, our student-led Facebook groups and peer mentoring scheme are there to help make your transition into Higher Education just that little bit easier. 

See the support on offer from our dedicated peer mentors.

Your finances

Living on a student income can be a challenge. If you have any money worries, our Student Support and Wellbeing Advisers are available to advise you. 

  • ensure you're getting all the financial support you're eligible for
  • financial planning and money management
  • your support package from the Student Loans Company
  • discretionary support funds you may be able to access
  • the availability of additional grants and loans.

See the financial support on offer.

Counselling, Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing 

Starting university brings new challenges and you may find that your new lifestyle means you need some extra emotional support. Should you need it, we offer a free, confidential counselling service and a Mental Health Advisory Service. Our specialists include fully qualified professionals including BACP registered counsellors and mental health professionals, with links to external support agencies. 

See the support available to current students.

Disability, specific learning difficulty and long term health issues

If you are facing (or potentially facing) barriers to achievement, the Student Disability Service is ready to support you with: 

  • Practical support and accessible teaching rooms
  • special arrangements in examinations and assessment
  • information about funding opportunities to secure support for your specific need.

See the support available to current students.

Support with English Language

If English isn't your first language, our Academic English Service is here to help. You can take courses in grammar and vocabulary, as well as in academic writing, reading, and seminar and lecture skills, all taught by specialist lecturers. 

See the support available to international students.

Faith and religion

We actively promote diversity and equality of opportunity, and we're proud to have students from across the world studying here, exchanging ideas, values and experiences.

You'll be able to access facilities including a Canterbury-based Chapel, a Muslim Prayer Room, a Buddhist Meditation Room and Quiet Rooms in all campuses, supported and supervised by the University Chaplaincy team.

See the support on offer for all.

Your career prospects

There's a range of services to help you find the right career. When you enrol on your course, you'll have access to online resources, drop-in areas and workshops and events tailored to help you choose and enhance your future career.  

See the career support on offer to current students.


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