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If you are intending to study a degree level (or above) course, then you will need a Tier 4 visa. If you firmly accept an unconditional offer from Canterbury Christ Church, the University will officially sponsor (support) your visa application with the UK Visa and Immigration Authority. This sponsorship will be in the form of an official document (a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) which the University submits to the UKVI to confirm your acceptance to the course, and a number of details about you. Please note that you may be granted an 'academically unconditional offer' if you apply via UCAS. However, you will still be required to meet several immigration-related conditions before the University will grant your CAS - as per the CAS policy available to download from this page.

This section gives information on how Christ Church will assess whether we are able to sponsor your visa application, and when and how we will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) document for you to use in that application.

CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) document:

If you apply for a Tier 4 visa without a CAS document, your application will be refused. The CAS is a 14 digit number that the UKVI will use to prove that you have been unconditionally accepted by Canterbury Christ Church University, and meet the Home Office’s requirements to study legally in the UK. Only Canterbury Christ Church University can give you this number to use in your visa application.

Obtaining a CAS number

In order to receive an unconditional offer and accept it to be issued with a CAS by the University, you need to meet the UKVI and University requirements. In the majority of cases these are:

  1. That you have provided Canterbury Christ Church University with copies of all of the original documents you will need to submit in your visa application, as well as those required for Canterbury Christ Church University to make a decision on your course application. These are:
    • Your Passport
    • Your Personal Statement
    • The academic qualifications you used to apply for your course
    • Evidence of your English language ability
      • Unless you are exempt from the English Language requirements for English language ability (you will be advised if this exemption applies to you once your application is received), you must have a valid English Language qualification that meets both the UKVI and Canterbury Christ Church University requirements for your course.
    • Evidence that you will be making Academic Progression
      • Applicants who have previously studied in the UK on a Tier 4 visa are required to demonstrate that their new course is at a higher level than their previous course, with few exceptions. The International Admissions Team will be able to advise you if this is the case in your situation.
    • A completed Immigration History Declaration Form
      • Tier 4 students are not permitted to spend more than five years in the UK studying at degree-level, or more than three years at below degree level. There are exemptions to this rule which the International Admissions Team will advise you of if they apply to you.
    • A completed Tier 4 Agreement form - in this document, you formally agree to abide by the conditions attached to your Tier 4 visa, and to fully engage with all of your studies.
    • A signed Acceptance of Offer form
    • Any academic references requested by Canterbury Christ Church University
    • Evidence of funds required to pay your tuition fees and support you whilst in the UK.
    • An ATAS certificate (if needed). We will advise you whether you require an ATAS certificate at the point of acceptance, and guide you through the process of obtaining one if necessary.
    • Evidence that your 50% first year tuition fee deposit has been paid
    • Parental consent form if under 18 years of age

View the University’s full CAS policy for international students, which includes scenarios under which Canterbury Christ Church University will not issue a CAS. Further detail on the required documents above can be found in our ‘Applying for a Tier 4 visa’ section.

If all of the above points are met, Canterbury Christ Church University will issue you with your CAS up to three months before the start of your course. The CAS will be sent to you via e-mail in the form of a .pdf document which lists the information which we have provided about you to the UKVI. You will be required to enter the 14 digit CAS number contained in the .pdf into the UKVI’s online application form.

During the course of your application, the UKVI will be able to see your CAS online, and as such you will not need to bring a paper document to any interviews or submit it via post with other documents.

Course hours per week

It is a UKVI requirement that the number of hours you will study per week is stated as zero if you are studying on a full-time course at degree level or above with us. Please therefore do not be worried if this appears on your CAS under the ‘Hours per Week’ section.

Tuition Payments made after a CAS is issued

If you make any further payments towards your course fees after Canterbury Christ Church University has issued your CAS, please inform the University so that we can update the UKVI on fees you have paid. Once these payments are confirmed by our Finance Department, the Admissions Team will update the ‘online CAS’ held by UKVI to reflect the new payment. The UKVI will then be aware of the updated funds and count them towards fees paid for the purposes of your visa application. Please do not make any accommodation payments over the sum of £1,200.00, as payments over this amount will not be deducted from the monies you are required to show to the UKVI as part of your application. Your Admissions Officer will update you as to what funds you will need to display at the point of your acceptance.

Mistakes on CAS documents

It is extremely important that you check all of the details listed on your CAS once we have sent it to you. If there are any errors in your passport number, date of birth, qualifications or fees paid, Canterbury Christ Church University is able to correct them online. If the passport details listed on the CAS are for an old passport, please alert international.admissions@canterbury.ac.uk as soon as possible, enclosing a scan or photograph of your new passport. Any online updates made to your CAS by Canterbury Christ Church University are immediately visible by the UKVI, and we will send you an amended CAS as and when changes are made.

Communication with the UKVI and Canterbury Christ Church University

After you have submitted your visa application, it is important that you contact international.admissions@canterbury.ac.uk as soon as you receive any communication from the UKVI. This could be a notification that your application has been successful, a request for further documents or in rare circumstances, a visa refusal. In all cases, it is important that Canterbury Christ Church University sees anything that is sent to you by the UKVI, so that we are able to give you accurate advice on what you need to do next.

Tier 4 visas from other sponsors

If you have a Tier 4 visa which was given to you to study at another institution, you may not use it to study at Canterbury Christ Church University, even if your current visa has sufficient time before it expires. You will need to apply for a further Tier 4 visa with a Canterbury Christ Church University CAS in order to study with us.

Find out more

  • You can view the university's CAS Policy here.

We have produced a 'quick-start' guide to what you will need to do to receive your CAS here.

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