Attendance monitoring, re-sits and permitted work for Tier 4 students

As part of your acceptance to the university, if you are a student requiring a Tier 4 visa you will have signed our Tier 4 Agreement. In this document, you agree to abide by all of the immigration conditions of your leave to remain in the UK, including fully engaging with your course – this means attending all teaching sessions in accordance with the University’s attendance policy.

Canterbury Christ Church University has introduced electronic attendance monitoring as of September 2017, and as such it is vital that you ensure to ‘scan in’ at the start of each session using your student smartcard - this is how the university will confirm that you are attending your teaching sessions. The university retains the right to withdraw you from your studies and report this withdrawal to the UKVI if you do not fully engage with your studies. If you are withdrawn, the UKVI will curtail (cancel) your visa, and you will be sent a letter telling you how long you are legally allowed to remain in the UK before you must return to your home country. This time period is usually 60 days from the date of the letter that is sent to you by the Home Office.

Examination re-sits and repeats:

Please note that the UKVI's policy on re-sitting or repeating assessments is as follows: You are permitted to re-sit an assessment or repeat a module only twice unless there are exceptional circumstances. Please contact the Immigration Compliance Office for advice specific to your situation.

The guidance above must be read in conjunction with the University's own regulations on re-assessment, which may be found in the document titled "Regulation and Credit Framework", which may be found here.

Working in the UK on a Tier 4 visa:

The type and amount of paid and unpaid work you are able to do as a Tier 4 student is very restricted. It is important that you check the front of your BRP card, as it will detail the amount of work you are entitled to undertake each week. Please note that the UKVI state that a ‘week’ is considered as Monday to Sunday. Therefore, if your work allowance is 20 hours, and you reach this allowance in the period of Monday to Friday, you are not permitted to do any additional work on Saturday or Sunday. Your employer should check this, but you have a personal responsibility to ensure that you are staying within your limit.

Please note that voluntary work (work for which you are not paid) will count towards your weekly allowance.

For further advice regarding permitted work types and times, please contact the International Team using the details listed above.

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