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Applications for some courses are made directly to the University using the Online Application Portal. If the course you are applying for is eligible for online applications, it will be stated on course page under the 'how to apply' section.

Prepare for your application

It is a step-by step process, which you can complete and save as you progress. You will need to create a user name for your login and this will be your email address and a password of your choosing.

Here's some guidelines to help you prepare for using the Online Application System:

If your course requires additional information details will be given on the course information page. Please ensure you have downloaded these documents and save to your PC using your surname or family name as part of the file name.

We will ask for details of your previous education such as schools, colleges and university, and also your qualifications.  You will need to be as accurate as possible so please make your application straightforward by finding your certificates first.

You may have some documents, such as a CV, already have saved to your PC but others you will need to scan first and then save them.  You will need to upload your qualifications, which you should upload as one single file, and most courses will require a personal statement. If you want advice on completing the application please contact for advice.

If you are an International Student please contact Naric for information on verifying your qualifications before completing your application. You will need to upload them along with details of your Visa or Passport.

It is a step-by-step process involving several pages depending on the course you are applying for. You can complete and save your progress at any time. To continue or check the status of your application at any time you can log back in using the email and password created at Login. 

Your application will be assessed by the Admissions office and then sent to the academic department for consideration. Most of our communication will be through email so please ensure you give an accurate email address. 

Completing an online application

Please ensure you have carefully read the 'how to apply' section for the course you are applying for. You may be required to upload additional supporting documents/forms that can only be obtained through the relevant online prospectus page.

Apply online

Further guidance

Depending on the course you are applying for you will need to complete several pages that make up the online application.

As you progress you can save to resume at another time so there is no need to rush.  However, there is a time-out after inactivity of 30 minutes, but you can login in again to continue the application in your own time.

Instructions are given on the application but here is a summary of what is required.

To search for course please enter a Keyword or a partial word e.g. to search for American Studies enter, ‘American’ or just ‘am’.  If you are unsure of the course title then leave the keyword field blank and search just on the year you wish to apply for. This will give you a list of all available courses
To create your login please use your personal email, and ideally not one used through your work, school or college. If you are an existing student at Canterbury Christ Church University please use an external email address. Your password should contain at least 6 characters. Go to 'New User? Create an account here.’ This will open a login screen. If you have already applied and just wish to track your application, please enter the email address and password you used to create your Applicant account to login.
Please complete all fields as required on the ‘My Details’ page.  Any field indicated with an asterisk are mandatory and must be completed before an application can be submitted. Incomplete fields may delay your application from being processed and a decision being sent to you. If you do not have a disability please ‘Are you in receipt of a disability allowance?’ question blank. When entering your date of birth it may be easier for you to type it in using dd/mm/yyyy rather than selecting it through the calendar look up. 

We need to know your residential category in order to correctly assess your fee status. An incorrect selection may delay your application and you may be charged a higher fee.

For your information the following categories apply:

  • Home - Students from England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland*
  • E.U. - Students from the European Union
  • Channel I/ IOM - - Students from the Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Overseas - Students from outside of the European Union and may require a Visa (you will need to upload a copy of this
  • Not Known - if you are unsure of your current status

*You may be asked to confirm this if we feel you may not have "Home" status.

Please enter your permanent home address which is where you would normally live. If your correspondence address is different please enter below. We will normally communicate with you through email but it is important that we do have your permanent address in case we need to send mail to you.

If any of these details change, please let us know immediately by contacting  . 

Please enter any institutions (schools, colleges, universities etc.) that you have attended since 16. If you make a mistake and wish to remove an institution, simply select it in the grid and click "Delete".

How to enter:

  1. Type the institution in the text box and click "Search."
  2.  If the institution is found, it will be displayed in the drop down list below. Click to enter.
  3.  If the institution is not found, type 'Other'. This will give a dropdown list. At the bottom of the list select 'Other...' and enter details.
  4. Once the institution is found, enter the dates you studied there.
  5. Then click "Add Institution."
  6.  Repeat for each institution attended.

Qualifications on Entry

These are your qualifications taken when leaving school or college. If you are a Home student please enter your highest undergraduate qualifications, such as A-Levels, BTEC's, Access course, etc. If you are an International student please enter your qualifications on the "Other Qualifications" page later in the application. If you have not yet received your results please indicate in the box provided. Please be as accurate as possible as you may need to show your original qualifications when you register.

You must upload all qualifications entered, in a single file on the Upload Files page later in the application.

How to enter:

 1. Enter the Awarding Body or select from the drop down lists

2. Enter the subject or closest subject from the drop down lists

3. Enter the level of your subject, e.g. GCE A level etc.

4. Enter the dates in the "From" and "To" fields

5. Click "Add Qualification" when you are satisfied.

6. Repeat for each qualification

Post graduate Qualifications

Please use this page to enter details of any postgraduate qualifications (degrees etc.) you have. If you do not have any postgraduate qualifications you can skip this page.

You must upload these qualifications in a single file with your post 16 qualifications on the Upload File page later in this application.

How to enter:

1. To find a particular subject, enter its name in the "Subject" text box

2.  Click "Search" and select it from the drop down list

3. If the subject is not in the list, try broadening your search (e.g. try "comp" instead of      "Computer Science")

4. If you studied a joint-honours subject, then you can use the "Subject 2" fields to specify the second subject

5. You will need to enter a value in the "Proportion" field

6. Click the "Add Qualification" button to add the qualification to your list.

Other Qualifications

Please use this page to enter any professional or international qualifications you have. You should also enter GCSE Maths, English and Science, should you have them.  Enter the details below in the appropriate fields and then click "Add Qualification" to add it to your list. Repeat for each qualification. You must upload these qualifications, including any English Language tests such as IELTS, in a single file on the Upload Files page later in this application.  If you are an International student you must get your qualifications verified through Naric  first at

Please enter the details of your current and previous employers. This could be any voluntary work or work experience you have undertaken.  Once you are satisfied, click "Add Employer" to add that employer to the list. If you wish to delete an employer, select the corresponding row from the grid and click "Delete"
Please enter a referee below who can provide a reference for you. You will need at least 1 referee for an Undergraduate course and 2 for Postgraduate. Your referee should be Academic and should be able to comment on your suitability for your chosen course and you should have their permission first. To add a referee, enter their details in the text boxes and click "Add Referee". They will then be added to the referee list.  If you are unable to provide an Academic referee please contact   for advice. 

You should complete this section if your current status is:

  1. Overseas student
  2. EU/EEA student
  3. 3. Not Known, or resident in the UK for less than 3 years.

It is used to confirm your fee status and  if you need a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS).You will need to enter the details of your most recent Secure English Language Test (SELT) and upload confirmation, and a copy of your current VISA and passport, through the Upload Files page. If you are a Home student you do not need to complete this screen and can click "Next & Save" to continue.

This page allows you to upload additional documents to support your application. Some documents are mandatory and these are indicated with an asterisk.  You can upload a maximum of 5 files, and each file should contain your surname or family name.  When uploading proof of your relevant qualifications please create it as a single file. If you have any problems uploading documents, please contact  for advice.



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