BA single honours Musical Theatre 2020/21

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The Musical Theatre degree offers a practical and academic study of the context, evolution, and performativity of contemporary Musical Theatre. This is distinct from programmes which focus purely on the development of Musical Theatre performance skills, traditionally the preserve of vocational drama/performing arts school training.

Our Musical Theatre degree offers you the opportunity to express yourself as a performer in all three of the major performance disciplines of:

  • dance
  • singing
  • acting

There are also showcase events built into the course at the end of each year.

Our highly qualified and experienced tutors have real links with industry and are able to offer genuine advice and guidance on how best to develop your own personal take on the industry.

Our degree will help you perform with confidence, character and style while allowing you to explore design and management roles relating to Musical Theatre.

Alongside academic study of context, the performance skills of dance, singing and acting will form the focus of your study in the first year.

You can study French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish as part of, or alongside, your course.

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You will also have the opportunity to delve into the world of production arts with optional modules offering you the chance to engage in stage management, lighting and sound, and theatre design work, with a view to giving you a well-rounded Musical Theatre production experience. End of year performances will see you engage in larger events that bring together all of your developing skills and will enable to work with other students studying Music and technical elements relating to live performance.

Year One

Core Modules

Singing with Confidence (20 credits)

This module aims to enable you to develop relevant technical, study and performance skills in understanding voice in the performance of Musical Theatre repertoire. Sessions are run with a focus on confidence building allowing students the freedom to explore their voice in a supportive and positive environment.

Acting with Confidence (20 credits)

This module aims to develop those performance skills that relate to bringing a role to life on the Musical Theatre stage. It will explore acting techniques relevant to contemporary Musical Theatre acting and will be based primarily in naturalism as a mode of expression and style. The module will focus on contextual studies and stage confidence as a thread that runs throughout this process, which will in turn dovetail with the other performance skills related to Musical Theatre.

Dancing with Confidence (20 credits)

This module aims to enable you to develop technical underpinning, confidence and competence in Musical Theatre dance. You will engage in the execution of phrases of movement in classroom conditions, individually, in partner work, and as part of an ensemble. There will also be philosophical/contextual studies; social, historical and political, in the repertory studied.

Global Music Theatre (20 credits)

The module allows you to explore Musical Theatre from around the world giving you a contextual overview of the form from a variety of cultures and perspectives as well as examining the historical development of Musical Theatre.

Musical Theatre Showcase (20 credits)

This module offers you the opportunity to combine all that you have achieved in year 1 and present an evening of Musical Theatre performance work.The module can see students from a number of School disciplines coming together to work towards the event.

Likely Optional Modules

Introduction to Performance Lighting (20 credits)

This module gives you the opportunity to get to grips with lighting equipment for the stage and starts to develop your understanding of practical and theoretical approaches to stage lighting.

Theatre Design 1 (20 credits)

This module examines design work relating to costume and gives you the opportunity to practically explore design concepts and making techniques. Assistant Stage Management This is the start of a series of Stage Management modules that run throughout the degree. The ASM plays a key role in the smooth running of a theatrical performance.

Year Two

Core Modules

Singing in Character (20 credits)

This module aims to enable you to develop a further understanding of your singing voice in the performance of Musical Theatre repertoire, exploring the vocal-technical issues relating to adapting or transforming your natural vocal sound to meet the demands of Musical Theatre characters and character songs.

Acting in Character (20 credits)

This module seeks to explore the range of character acting necessary for Musical theatre. It will enable you to cope with the demands of the practice-based skills in translating Musical Theatre texts into live performances, exploring through practice the relationship between the performer, text/writer, and performance. The module will be centred on the development of character presentation and audience communication.

Dancing in Character (20 credits)

This module enables you to develop further technical confidence and competence in Musical Theatre dance skills, exploring the physical transformative issues of dancing in and with character, individually, in partner work, and as part of a characterised ensemble.

The Politics and Power of Musical Theatre (20 credits)

This module explores the power of Musical Theatre as a statement and as a means to act on a societal level. You will will engage in the study of Musical Theatre as protest, activism and comment.

Musical Theatre Performance (20 credits)

This end of year performance work will allow you to present yourself as a performer, or potentially in a production role, as a culmination of your second year of study.

Likely Optional Modules

Contemporary Performance Lighting (20 credits)

This module builds on concepts explored in year 1 and tackles more complex programming techniques as well as looking at more contemporary lighting equipment.

Theatre Design 2 (20 credits)

This module will focus on the design and creation of costumes and props, with particular emphasis on structures, body extensions, and fantasy (for example animal costumes, armour and pantomime). You may look at the development and fusion of costume- and prop-making techniques applied to and around the human form, including mask- and headdress-making

Deputy Stage Management (20 credits)

This module is designed to introduce students to the concepts and processes relating to stage-managing live performance events. You will explore the very specific roles relating to managing performance for large-scale events together with examples of how those roles conflate to a more all-encompassing single management role for small performance companies.

Year Three

Core Modules

Singing with Style (20 credits)

As a natural development in your singing studies, this module this module sees you exploring the vocal-technical issues relating to adapting or transforming the student’s natural vocal sound to meet the demands of more complex Musical Theatre material involving issues of style, heightened reality, and direct address to audience.

Acting with Style (20 credits)

This module is concludes your acting for Musical Theatre training and focuses on extending those skills developed throughout years 1 and 2. The module includes textual analysis and explores the personalisation of your role.

Dancing with Style (20 credits)

This module enables you to develop further technical confidence and competence in more complex Musical Theatre dance skills, exploring the physical transformative issues of dancing in and with specified styles (while retaining character-detail), individually, in partner work, and as part of a characterised ensemble and a unified chorus-line.

Final Production (40 credits)

This module gives you the opportunity to take part in a larger Musical Theatre production that spans the spans the School and can see you performing with technicians, stage management and music students.

Likely Optional Modules

Digital Performance Environments (20 credits)

This module is designed to explore the rapidly emerging and diversifying field of digital performance and interactive performance installation. Contemporary performance practice seeks to embrace new performative literacies and makes efforts to engage with current technologies in order to redefine the performance setting and the means by which performance is delivered.

Theatre Design 3 (20 credits)

The module acts as a natural extension to the design input in years 1 and 2. It aims to broaden your awareness of design methods that move beyond the physically representative to explore the relationship between performance space, audience and the place of the object as a devising catalyst.

Company Stage Management (20 credits)

You will focus on company stage management and the logistics of stage management in a professional context. Emphasis will be placed on professional development and employability, and you will be encouraged to make contact with current industry professionals and/or companies both as a source of primary research information and to develop potential employment links.

As well as being able to present yourself as a performer, you will have the potential to tackle anything from leading a community youth workshop to running a lighting desk or managing an arts company.

We equip our graduates to tackle diverse roles in a wide range of professions beyond performance including contemporary performance making, stage management, design, as well as the ability to pursue postgraduate study in a performance related field.

Our graduates will also possess a range of transferable skills gained on the course which are highly valued and sought after for work in fields other than Musical Theatre and the arts.


Tuition Fees for 2020/21 have not yet been finalised. Course webpages will be updated with Tuition Fee information once these have been agreed.

Additional course costs

Although we aim to minimise any additional costs to students over and above the course tuition fee, there will be some additional costs which students are expected to meet.

Costs applicable to all students

Text books Own purchase text books
Travel to other sites Where travel to other sites is required, this will be payable by the student
Library Fees and Fines Where students fail to return loaned items within the required time they will be responsible for the cost of any Library Fees and Fines applicable
Printing & Photocopying The cost of printing and photocopying undertaken by students to support their individual learning are payable by the student
Graduation ceremonies It is free for the student to attend the ceremony itself. Guest tickets and robe hire / photography are additional costs payable by the student

General principle policy

The University’s general principles policy for additional course fees are set out here

CategoryIncluded in the tuition feeAdditional cost to student
Field trips (including trips abroad and trips to museums, theatres, workshops etc) No, if the trip contributes to the course as an optional module. Yes if the trip is optional.
Travel and accommodation costs for placements  No

Travel and accommodation costs for professional placements within the Education and Health & Wellbeing Faculties.

Travel and accommodation costs for other work placements. 
Text books No Own purchase text books.
DBS / Health checks No Yes
Professional Body registration No Yes
Travel to other sites (e.g. travel to swimming pool for lessons) No Yes
Clothing / Kit Yes, where the clothing / kit is essential for Health & Safety reasons. Yes, where the clothing is kept by the student and not essential for health and safety reasons.
Learning materials Essential learning materials (excluding text books) in connection with the course. Additional materials beyond the standard provision essential for the course or where the costs are determined by the student’s area of interest and the outputs are retained by the student.
Library fees and fines No Yes
Printing and photocopying No Yes
Social events No, unless the event forms an essential part of the course. Yes, unless the event forms an essential part of the course.
Graduation ceremonies It is free for the student to attend the ceremony itself. Guest tickets and robe hire/ photography are additional costs payable by the student.

Each taught module has a standard 50 hours of student contact. This will typically be composed of lecture/seminar work or practical work You will also be expected to engage in 150 hours of self-directed study per taught module. You will be taught in classes, workshops, lectures, seminars and tutorials, which include a percentage of weekly directed learning.

In addition to this, you will be expected to undertake your own learning, class preparation, reading, practice, and assignment work.

Given the aim to produce Musical Theatre graduates who are competent and confident in the performing arts industry it will come as no surprise to find direct engagement with the Performing Arts and related disciplines: a great deal of practical performance is built into the programme.

Students will engage in the various processes of production, rehearsal, performance, presentation of seminars and workshop leadership. Whilst the practical component of many modules is important, most modules require an element of written work as part of the assessment strategy.

The Daphne Oram creative arts building is now open.  The building is equipped with the latest technology and bespoke learning spaces for our arts and humanities students. You will enjoy the use of a performance studio theatre with full lighting rigs and tech room and a ‘concert’ hall.

The Musical Theatre programme is taught at Canterbury Christ Church University’s Canterbury Campus in the heart of the historic city of Canterbury, less than 100 yards from the Cathedral. The University is 10 minutes from the train stations in Canterbury and Canterbury is 56 minutes by train from London St Pancras station. Our main campus in Canterbury has city centre facilities on its doorstep and, of course, you will benefit from all the new creative arts building has to offer


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Full-time study

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Fact file

UCAS course code

  • W370 Musical Theatre

UCAS institution code

  • C10


  • 3 years full-time

    6 years part-time


  • September 2020

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