Business (BA Hons  at Bromley College)

BSc (Hons) Accelerated Degree Business  2018/19

Year of entry

This accelerated degree programme is designed to prepare you for active participation in the management of business. It includes building a wide range of personal skills and experience demanded by employers and to get you into the world of work in a shorter time. It:

  • Offers an intensive, fast track degree offering as much academic content in two years as conventional degrees. 
  • Allows you to start working and earning one year earlier.
  • Allows you to make full use of the whole year
  • Your degree will comprise a full 360 credit units.

This degree can lead you into a wide range of careers from traditional business studies to the wider business and management arena. It is designed to support you to engage critically with the discipline of business studies, and makes extensive use of case studies and contemporary research to ensure that you can also develop a creative approach. It will enable you to operate at strategic level in a variety of organisations and you will acquire key skills such as problem solving, communication, self-management and teamwork, satisfying not only academic, but professional and commercial employer requirements.

Why the accelerated degree

This accelerated degree programme is designed to prepare you for active participation in the management of business. It includes building a wide range of personal skills and experience demanded by employers and to get you into the world of work in a shorter time.  It is a full-time programme offered in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University.

The two year degree

  • An intensive, fast track degree offering as much academic content in two years
  • Allows you to start working and earning one year earlier.
  • You make full use of the whole year, including the long summer holiday period
  • The accelerated degree compresses a three-year traditional program into a two-year degree by extending teaching throughout the summer months. The idea is to offer students the option of saving on some of the costs of tuition and moving on to the job marketplace sooner.

Because an accelerated degree requires the same amount of work as a three-year programmme, students experience a more rigorous workload, and a good deal of dedication is needed to succeed. Because you’ll be studying the same amount of material as a traditional student, but in a shorter time, you’ll need to be dedicated and organised.

This type of degree offers a more flexible and cheaper way of studying a degree. Meanwhile, you only have to pay two years’ tuition fees and can cut accommodation and living costs by up to a third.

The accelerated degree is a powerful example of how higher education can offer innovative new programmes that meet the needs of students and fit better with their circumstances. Research published by the Higher Education Academy shows that two- year degrees are working for students and provide a quality product valued not only by employers but professional bodies too.

Shorter degrees are one way of adapting study to suit different personal circumstances, supporting the work/life balance and lifelong learning.

Find out more about Business at Bromley College.

The first year is mainly in common with the BSc Business Studies programme, providing a solid grounding in managing the challenges of managing organisations, information technology, and analytical skills.   

  • You will study a range of modules that will give you a broad and balanced knowledge of business. Students will develop their own interests as the course progresses, with these interests potentially forming the basis of your Year 2 Dissertation Research Project. This will provide you with a personalised pathway to focus your career interests.

The degree programme is designed to allow students incremental development to achieve the learning outcomes.

  • Year one provides a varied and interesting introduction to the business environment in the key areas of management, financial accounting, marketing, economics, and quantitative analysis. All students study a number of core modules, including Management and Leadership, and Project Management; which are respectively accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and Association for Project Management. All our Business degree programmes are single honours and all modules studied throughout our suite of degrees are core for the purpose of preparing you for a professional career and provide you with the opportunity to gain a broader understanding of the business world.
  • In Year two semester 5 & 6 students can undertake a 40 credit research project Dissertation of choice relating to the knowledge, skills and understanding gained throughout the degree. Dissertation supervision is led by our degree partner, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Fact: The University Centre at Bromley College was awarded ‘Confidence’ at a QAA review in 2016

Level 4

  • People management in the 21st Century (20 credits)

  • Contemporary business issues (20 credits)

  • Financial accounting for professionals (20 credits)

  • Marketing principles and practice (20 credits)

  • Business analysis (20 credits)

  • Economics (20 credits)

Level 5

  • Management and leadership (20 credits)

  • Management accounting (20 credits)

  • International financial reporting (20 credits)

  • Corporate and business law (20 credits)

  • Research methods (20 credits)

  • Project management (20 credits)

Level 6

  • Business Ethics (20 credits)

  • Service Management (20 credits)

  • Strategic Management (20 credits)

  • Knowledge Management (20 credits)

  • Dissertation (40 credits)

On completion of the business degree, many of our graduates go on to study for a professional chartered qualification or Master’s Degree. Membership of a professional institution  or employment in the business sector in a range of accountancy, management and auditing roles.

This course is delivered in partnership with London South East Colleges (Bromley main site).

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Our teaching supports students in reaching their potential in the course. We recognise the diversity of learning styles and techniques they will use and offer a variety of means through which they can engage with the subject: lectures, seminars, discussions, presentations, visiting speakers, digital materials, coursework and tutorials.

We offer timely feedback from tutors. We also value the learning from students’ experiences with other work and organisations and support their reflections on their academic and personal development. We encourage them to develop skills relevant to life and work as well as for academic study. Typically, teaching takes place in face to face mode and in on-line environments and is informed by student feedback.



Percentage of the course assessed by coursework

Year 1

  • 48 per cent coursework 52 per cent written exams

Year 2

  • 49 per cent coursework 51 per cent written exams

Year 3

  • 80 per cent coursework 20 per cent written exams

Completing assessments at university level may present a new challenge to you, including understanding the terms used for higher education study. For example, throughout the next 2 years you will be given formative assessments to complete and submit. They do not count towards your module grades but provide invaluable feedback to help you to continuously improve. Summative assessment is formally submitted and will count towards your grades, but you will know about these from the module handbooks and the start of each module so you can be well prepared. These assessments will have a strict deadline which, if not met, can impact on your final grade.

You will be assessed using a variety of methods including examinations, presentations, report-writing and on-line time-constrained multiple-choice questions.  Most of the assessments on the programme are on an individual basis, but some may involve working in teams. We make extensive use of on-line materials, particularly the University’s virtual learning environment Blackboard accessed through the CLIC Portal.

We believe that assessment can be used to inform learning so that you can perform to your potential. As a result, most of the modules allow you an opportunity for formative assessment. By this we mean assessment whereby you can bench-mark your progress, getting feedback to improve your performance e.g. practice exams.

Assessment criteria grids are used for each piece of coursework and examined work and these are derived from the generic assessment criteria adopted by the University as guidance to lecturer. The contribution of individual students to group assessments may be assessed by means of the peer assessment form.

The University has an agreed set of principles which underpin the assessment experience provided here. More information about these principles can be found here.

The University Centre recognises the importance of professional body accreditation, to ensure that not only do we deliver well researched courses, but also that our students meet the professional expectations of prospective employers and have the opportunity to gain professional body qualifications.

We also offer modules accredited by the Association of Project Management (APM). Our Project Management module was the first from a university to gain accreditation and exemption for its teaching and assessment.

The University Centre has accreditation with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). The year two modules of Management and Leadership, Project Management, Management Accounting and Human Resource Management are accredited by the CMI and on successful completion you will be eligible for CMI Level 5 qualifications in Leadership and Management.

On successful completion of the relevant modules, you will be able to apply for certification with these organisations, enhancing your employability prospects (accreditation appeals to prospective employers). If you plan to pursue a professional business qualification post-graduation, the exemptions expedite your chosen professional qualification, and appeal to prospective employers.

The college recognises the additional support needs required by some students.  Support and guidance is available to students to assess their learning needs and eligibility. 

Our students with ALS (Additional Learning Support) needs benefit from personalised learning support to help them successfully progress through their programme of study. 

A University Centre has close links with the college’s Business School and benefit from the Employers Advisory Board that has established partnerships with representatives from across the private and public sector. This encourages employer engagement as the Board engages in discussion about technical content of the curriculum and the development of wider employability skills, the provision of work placement opportunities, guest speakers, live case studies, and workplace visits.


Full-time study

Apply via UCAS

Need some help?

For advice on completing your application please contact the Admissions Enquiry Team:

Tel:+44 (0)1227 928000

Fact file

UCAS code

  • N404 Accelerated Degree in Business

Institutional code

  • C10


  • 2 years full-time


  • September 2018

Entry requirements

  • 112 UCAS tariff points

    Further entry requirements

    You will need to ensure that you can study at an intensive pace as the degree requires you to undertake 180 credits of study each year. To join the degree you will need to have at least 112 UCAS points or a relevant qualification as follows:

    UCAS: 112 points

    GCE A Levels: BCC/BBC

    BTEC: BTEC Extended Diploma – DMM

    Access: Access to HE Diploma, to include 45 credits at Level 3, of which 30 must be merit

    OCR: OCR National Extended Diploma Merit

    OCR Cambridge Technical Extended Diploma – DMM

    OCR Cambridge Technical Diploma – D*D*

    GCSE: Maths and English grade C or above required


    Baccalaureate: 26 points

    If you have relevant work experience, academic credit (e.g. from Foundation Degree or HND) it may be awarded towards your qualification or you may be able to enter into year two or three of a degree programme at London South East Colleges.

    More entry requirement details



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