MPhil, PhD Theology and Religious Studies

Year of entry

MA by research and MPhil/PhD work is supported by research supervision in many areas of Religious Studies and Christian Theology.

Supervision in Theology can be offered in areas such as Biblical studies; Patristics; Church History; History and Interpretation of Christian doctrine; Systematics/Constructive Theology; Modern Theology and Philosophy, Theology and Sexuality; Theology and Theatre/Performance Studies, Political Theology and Black Theology.

Supervision in Religious Studies can be offered in areas such as Comparative Religious Studies; Jewish Studies; Jewish-Christian dialogue; (Neo-)Paganism and Shamanism; Hindu Studies; Buddhist Studies; Tibetan Studies; Religion and Visual Culture; Religion and Literature; Philosophy of Religion; Religion and Social Theory; Religion, Gender and Sexuality; Religion and Postmodernity; Queer Theory.

Enquiries should be directed to Dr Brian Capper

Available MPhil and PhD supervisors

Dr David Burton:

  • Madhyamika Buddhism
  • comparative philosophy
  • religion and film.

Dr Brian Capper:

  • the social history of first century Christianity including the application of social-scientific methods to the New Testament and its approach to issues of wealth and poverty
  • the Dead Sea Scrolls as texts of the ancient Jewish religious grouping known to classical authors as the 'Essenes', including the extent of the ancient Essene movement and its activities of social care
  • the Gospel and Letters of John in the New Testament and the origins of the 'Johannine tradition'.

Dr Maria Diemling:

  • Jewish history
  • Jewish-Christian relations
  • Judaism and material culture.

Dr Ivan Khovacs:

  • theology and the arts: literary, theatrical and cinematic approaches to classical Christian doctrines of creation and providence, revelation and incarnation, pneumatology and eschatology. Cinematic forms of belief and seeing; the cinematic lens and its rendering of the world as a revealed world
  • Christian Ethics: The ‘theo-logical’ nature of Christian action and ethical reflection on living a good life; discipleship and theological-dramatic models of ‘putting on Christ’
  • Systematic Theology for Ministry and Mission: constructive theology and Anglican discourse between scripture, tradition, reason, and faith in practice; worship, liturgy and the sacraments in mission and pastoral practice.

The Revd Dr Jeremy Law:

  • the doctrine of the Trinity
  • theology and science (particularly the emergence of life and human evolution); theology of education
  • the theology of Jürgen Moltmann
  • anglican identity.

Dr Ralph Norman:

  • the Church of England, history and theology
  • philosophy and theology
  • Christology.

How to apply

Applicants are strongly advised to explore the research interests of available supervisors and to contact the appropriate staff member before making a formal application.

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Location Length Start  
MPhil/PhD Theology & Religious Studies apply
Canterbury 42 months full-time September 2020
MPhil/PhD Theology & Religious Studies apply
Canterbury 42 months full-time February 2021

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