MPhil, PhD Politics and International Relations

Year of entry

Politics and International Relations at Canterbury Christ Church University has a strong commitment to excellence in research.

The politics team consists of academics with research expertise in a wide range of sub-disciplines.

Enquiries should be addressed to Dr David Bates.

Available academic PhD supervisors


Paul Anderson

  • British (and devolved) Politics
  • Constitutional and Territorial Politics 
  • Federalism/Decentralization and Conflict Resolution 

Dr Dele Babalola:

  • african politics
  • federalism and ethnic conflict management
  • democracy and elections

Dr David Bates:

  • radical political thought (including marxism and anarchism/post-marxism and post-anarchism)
  • alter-globalisation
  • violence and political theory.

Dr Laura Cashman:

  • integration of Roma
  • Central and East European politics
  • nationalism and minority politics.

Professor Amelia Hadfield:

  • EU foreign policy (security, energy, development, neighbourhood, education)
  • foreign policy analysis
  • international relations and diplomatic history.

Dr Soeren Keil:

  • Federalism and territorial autonomy as strategies of conflict resolution in divided societies and their link to power-sharing arrangements
  • the political systems and the foreign policies of the post-Yugoslav states (including questions of state-building and EU integration)
  • secession and state-dissolution in the post-Cold War era including discussions on state legitimacy and minority rights.

Dr John Lea:

  • American Culture Wars – including freedom of speech, identity politics, and affirmative action
  • political correctness – including its relationship between left and right political debate and ideology
  • the politics, philosophy, and sociology of higher education – including its ownership, purpose, and access.

Dr Sarah Lieberman:

  • regulation of genetically modified foods and crops
  • global regulation of environmental issues
  • European governance and regulation.

Dr Matthew Ogilvie:

  • local social and political protest
  • social movement theory
  • energy policy.

How to apply

Applicants are strongly advised to explore the research interests of available supervisors and to contact the appropriate staff member before making a formal application.

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Apply Direct / Part-time study

Location Length Start  
MPhil/PhD Politics & International Relations apply
Canterbury 42 months full-time September 2020
MPhil/PhD Politics & International Relations apply
Canterbury 42 months full-time February 2021
MPhil/PhD Politics & International Relations apply
Canterbury 66 months part-time September 2020
MPhil/PhD Politics & International Relations apply
Canterbury 66 months part-time February 2021

Fact file

UCAS institution code

  • C10

Entry requirements

  • If English is not your first language you require an IELTS overall score of 6.0 with no element below 5.5 for most standard undergraduate and postgraduate courses. There are some exceptions and if the IELTS requirement differs it will be specified on the course page.



  • Not applicable

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