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PGCE Post Compulsory Education

Year of entry

Year of entry 2018-19 - we are currently refreshing the course for 2018-19. The details below will give you an idea of the type of content covered; please revisit this page later in the year to see the latest information on the updated course.

Applications for 2018 entry are open and are made via UCAS Teacher Training.

The PGCE Post Compulsory Education is a professional course that will qualify you to teach in the lifelong learning sector. This sector offers you a breadth of potential employment routes including Further Education colleges, sixth form colleges, adult and community learning, work-based learning and prison education.

We also run a full-time and part-time PGCE programme at Canterbury Christ Church University and a part-time PGCE programme held at The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London.

The course is designed for those seeking employment in the Post Compulsory sector and those who obtain the PGCE will not be eligible for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) required for teaching in the compulsory sector. The course is endorsed by Lifelong Learning UK and those obtaining the PGCE will be eligible to apply for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status.

The PGCE accommodates all subject specialisms. However, an on offer of a place on the course is subject to the University securing a placement for you in your subject specialism area within one of our partnership colleges.

The modules you will cover in your studies are designed to complement your professional practice and the academic study you undertake will inform and be informed by your practice. You will study the following 6 modules:

  • Introduction to teaching and learning
  • Planning, teaching, learning and assessment
  • Wider professional development
  • Professional sector skills
  • Curriculum design for inclusive practice
  • Enhanced studies

You will develop the generic skills required for teaching and learning, as well as honing your subject specific teaching skills. In addition, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of the functional skills of English, numeracy and ICT and will be able to integrate these into your teaching.

During the course you will be given the opportunity to study three of the modules at Master’s level, giving a maximum of 60 level 7 credits.

You can then apply to bring these into a relevant Master’s degree, such as MA Education or MA Transformational Leadership. 

Full-time students will spend the first 4 weeks of the course at University (Canterbury Campus) to develop the generic skills required for teaching and learning. Following this, students will spend 3 days a week on placement focusing on the practical elements of teaching, developing your skills in the delivery of your subject specialism as well as being thoroughly prepared for employment in the sector. The remaining 1 day a week is spent at University allowing full integration of theory and practice, and an opportunity to reflect and debate upon the diverse range of experiences with which you have engaged.

Whilst on placement you will be supported by a curriculum mentor as well as a personal tutor from the University. The placement is fully supported by the placement institution and the University – you will be offered guidance, advice and tips to support your professional development and practice.

Part-time students will attend three workshop days at University (Canterbury Campus) to develop generic teaching and learning skills. Following this, students will spend 1 day a week on placement focusing on the same elements as mentioned previously for the full-time course. Each module will consist of attendance at three workshop days supported by e-learning in between each workshop over a two-year period from the start of study. As in the full-time route, students will be supported by a curriculum mentor on placement as well as a personal tutor from the University.

Part-time at College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London

There is a part-time PGCE cohort at College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London which started 2014-15 academic year. Students attend placement one day a week which is a placement organised by the college and the placement and mentor are located at the college. Sessions are held via three workshops per term which are currently held on a Wednesday.


2018/19 tuition fees for this course

Full-time  £9,250 £12,000
Part-time  £4,625 N/A

Government loans of up to £10,280 are available for some postgraduate Master’s courses for students starting their course from 1 August 2018. Loans are subject to both personal and course eligibility criteria.

The rules around course eligibility mean that in some cases it may depend on how you are studying (full-time or part-time) as to whether you can apply for a postgraduate loan. To check whether your course is eligible, you can email the Student Fees Team or call 01227 923 948

Read more about postgraduate masters student loans.

Students may self-fund their course or a sponsor may fund or part-fund. Bursaries, scholarships and fee discounts may also be available.

Further information

Additional course costs

Although we aim to minimise any additional costs to students over and above the course tuition fee, there will be some additional costs which students are expected to meet.

Costs applicable to all students

Text books Own purchase text books
Travel to other sites Where travel to other sites is required, this will be payable by the student
Library Fees and Fines Where students fail to return loaned items within the required time they will be responsible for the cost of any library fees and fines applicable
Printing & Photocopying The cost of printing and photocopying undertaken by students to support their individual learning are payable by the student
Graduation ceremonies It is free for the student to attend the ceremony itself. Guest tickets and robe hire / photography are additional costs payable by the student

General principle policy

The University’s general principles policy for additional course fees are set out here

CategoryIncluded in the tuition feeAdditional cost to student
Field trips (including trips abroad and trips to museums, theatres, workshops etc) No, if the trip contributes to the course as an optional module. Yes if the trip is optional.
Travel and accommodation costs for placements  No

Travel and accommodation costs for professional placements within the Education and Health & Wellbeing Faculties.

Travel and accommodation costs for other work placements. 
Text books No Own purchase text books.
DBS / Health checks No Yes
Professional Body registration No Yes
Travel to other sites (e.g. travel to swimming pool for lessons) No Yes
Clothing / Kit Yes, where the clothing / kit is essential for Health & Safety reasons. Yes, where the clothing is kept by the student and not essential for health and safety reasons.
Learning materials Essential learning materials (excluding text books) in connection with the course. Additional materials beyond the standard provision essential for the course or where the costs are determined by the student’s area of interest and the outputs are retained by the student.
Library fees and fines No Yes
Printing and photocopying No Yes
Social events No, unless the event forms an essential part of the course. Yes, unless the event forms an essential part of the course.
Graduation ceremonies It is free for the student to attend the ceremony itself. Guest tickets and robe hire/ photography are additional costs payable by the student.


To apply for this course at Canterbury, you will need to apply via UCAS Teacher Training.

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PGCE Construction Apply now
PGCE Design and Technology Apply now
PGCE Engineering Apply now
PGCE English, Media Studies and Performing Arts Apply now
PGCE Health, Social Care and Public Services Apply now
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PGCE Science Apply now
PGCE Skills for Life – Literacy and ESOL Apply now
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The College of Haringey, Enfield and North London

To apply for a course at The College of Haringey Enfield and North East London, you will need to apply directly to the University.

Offers of a place are only made after an interview. All offers are subject to placement. At the interview the selection criteria include:

  • an awareness of the world of Post Compulsory education and realistic expectations on what a career in this area might involve
  • demonstration of practical knowledge about Further Education e.g. shadowing experience
  • production of a satisfactory written piece relating to the profession
  • overall enthusiasm, openness, perception about their own experience, a capacity to work collaboratively, initiative energy, self-confidence, potential for persistence, capacity for empathy
  • potential interpersonal skills for classroom teaching and management
  • the candidate’s academic and/or relevance of industrial/commercial experience

Fact file


  • 1 year full-time
    2 years part-time


  • Sept 2018

Entry requirements

  • You should have a good honours degree and demonstrate competence regarding communication, literacy and numeracy. In your personal statement you will need to indicate sound reasons for wanting to teach in post compulsory education and have a clear awareness and experience of the sector. You should also have academic and/or industrial and commercial experience to demonstrate involvement with young people or adults in the community.



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