If you are thinking about an SKE course, just go ahead and do it. It forces you to refresh your subject which is good. If I hadn’t done one, I wouldn’t have felt as confident when starting my teacher training.


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Our SKE Primary Mathematics course offers the flexibility of studying online and is tailored to your individual subject knowledge needs. For Primary Mathematics we are currently offering an 8-week course. It will refresh and help improve your existing knowledge of Mathematics at a primary level, enabling you to apply it within the context of your individual role or as part of your wider studies. Our SKE Mathematics (Primary) course is perfect if you need to strengthen your subject knowledge to be accepted onto initial teacher training, or simply if you feel that additional learning would be beneficial. Courses are free for those eligible for funding.

The Primary Mathematics Subject Knowledge Enhancement course aims, through a blend of self-directed learning and online tutorials, to refresh, consolidate and improve your subject knowledge; develop mathematical thinking; develop an awareness of mathematics in real-life contexts; promote independent learning, improve meta-cognitive skills and develop your ability to identify and address your own learning needs.

Entry requirements

Pre-ITT: You must have accepted a conditional offer of an ITT place where the conditions indicate an SKE course in this subject must be completed.

Other: We can provide our SKE courses to candidates who can't secure a free place but would still benefit from completing a course.

All about the course

The course requires your active participation to undertake research, solve problems and analyse data. Topics are approached in meaningful contexts in order to encourage you to explore concepts rather than to simply accept knowledge, and to look at what may be familiar subject knowledge in a different way and therefore develop a better understanding of the subject. This approach will help you to model the pedagogic approach that has been proven to facilitate learning in the classroom.

The aim is to direct you to construct your own knowledge through carrying out a series of tasks and activities. You are expected to form a deeper understanding of the concepts behind the issues under discussion and to form an appreciation of their wider context. Wherever possible, ideas encountered in the on-demand material are linked to classroom practice and appropriate pedagogy.

How you’ll learn

The course starts with an initial test to help identify your language level, followed by an online induction. Throughout the course, you participate in the weekly online tutorials and work through the online language activities. At the end of the course, you take the final test to measure your progress.

You are expected to spend a minimum average of 25 hours a week working on the course.

Owing to the online nature of the course, you must have the following to access it:

  • a desktop or laptop personal computer (Windows or Mac);
  • a reliable internet connection;
  • a headset with microphone and USB connection.

We do NOT support the following devices for the SKE course as they may not be able to access all features of the course fully:

  • Tablets (whether iPad or Android)
  • Smart phones
  • Chromebooks

For further details: Full technical specifications (pdf)

Please note: If you do not have the equipment listed, you will need to purchase it as funding is not available for IT equipment.

Online materials are what you make of them. You can set your own targets. By identifying your weaknesses you can improve and you can also ask the teacher to tell you where you need to focus.

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How you’ll be assessed

Successful completion of the course is measured through engagement with the course, progress in the course tests and submitting an e-portfolio.

This is a non-credit bearing course.


Funding and Bursaries for Pre-ITT Applicants

Students with a conditional ITT offer dependent upon completing an SKE course, may be eligible for course funding and a bursary provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Bursaries are available at a rate of £175 per week to help support these students throughout the course.

For full information, read our SKE Funding and Bursary Guidance (pdf).

If you believe you are eligible for a bursary, you will also need to provide the following when applying:


Applicants who do not meet the pre-ITT funding criteria (e.g. those who hold QTS) will need to pay the tuition fee.

The course fees for 2020/2021 are £200 per week.

For entry during 2020/2021 the tuition fee rates are:

  • 8 weeks - £1,600

Course Dates

The SKE course in Primary Mathematics is eight weeks long.

Cohort Start Date End date Application closing date Status
1 03/04/2021 29/05/2021 22/03/2021 OPEN
2 01/05/2021 26/06/2021 19/04/2021 OPEN
3 29/05/2021 20/06/2020 17/05/2021 OPEN
4 26/06/2021 21/08/2021 14/06/2021 OPEN


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