My lecturers are amazing. They explain how you can use your skills when you get into a job, why you’re studying it, and how everything you learn has a purpose.


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    We are living in a global economy, surrounded by products sourced from all over the world. Learn how to develop strategies to make businesses internationally successful.

    Increasingly many of the services you use, whether it is booking a flight or watching a film, are provided by businesses located in countries other than your own. Thanks to the digital revolution, businesses both large and small can trade across the world. However, differences between nations remain and understanding their similarities and differentiation are essential.

    As with all our business courses, employability and digital skills are embedded to give you hands-on practical experience. You'll also be able to learn a language as part of your studies.

    Why Study International Business Management?

    You'll be able to immerse yourself in international business management through stimulating lectures and seminars, and will be exposed to the many aspects of business including supply chain management, business information and systems, people management, accounting, sustainability and more.

    As well as looking at different organisations, you'll explore the external environments in which they operate and are managed, and you'll be encouraged to apply critical thinking to help solve business challenges.

    The breadth of this degree and the opportunity to study abroad means you'll be well equipped to choose from a wide range of careers in business.

    We maintain close links with numerous European universities where our students can study for a semester or entire year within the framework of the Turing Scheme. 

    You can also opt for the four-year, International Business Management with Professional Placement option. This will enable you to gain real-world experience in a professional setting during your degree.