We want you to succeed, so your academic experience is a real priority and your feedback on your programme is important. 

We are committed to supporting your learning progression and academic success:

  • We have introduced for most Undergraduate programmes the semester calendar. This helps spread teaching across the academic year allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of their subject and manage their time.
  • Two development weeks have been incorporated into the new semester calendar. Academic Development Week gives you focused time to prepare for assignments and develop your academic skills. While Personal Development Week gives you time to engage in focussed activities that will develop your wider skills, enhance your employability and prepare you for your future career.
  • The first ever joint student and staff Learning and Teaching Conference was held exploring how collaboration is empowering us to build a vibrant learning community.
  • Blackboard has been updated to provide a better experience on mobile devices. As part of the new Home page, Blackboard courses that you are enrolled on can now be grouped together based on their academic year, allowing you greater control over your My Courses list.
  • The new way to register your attendance using your Smartcard is enabling the programme teams to support students even more in their studies and this is underpinned by a new Student Engagement in Learning Policy.
  • A new Student Fitness to Study Procedure has been developed to help support students whose health, wellbeing or behaviour is having a detrimental impact on your ability to progress academically.
  • There is a new student Guide to Assessment and Awards Procedure for both Undergraduates and Postgraduates. This brand new online guide will help you get to grips with key information about your programme and award so that you can maximise your opportunity for academic success.
  • A review of Postgraduate Taught provision (taught Masters programmes) took place which will result in future improvements to the academic year structure and assessment regulations.
  • Five academic calendars will be introduced across all programmes (with some exceptions due to learning requirement) from 2019-20. This means there will be more consistency around programme start and end dates, teaching time, holiday and assessment dates – ensuring your programme runs smoothly and you have a high quality student experience. Some programme will align to the new calendars from 2018.


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