Parents, Carers and Guardians

Welcome to our information for parents, guardians and carers of students attending, or planning to attend, the university. 

Prior to starting, each student is sent details of the university’s Joining Instructions.

You might find it helpful to go through these web pages yourself and work with them to make sure that they print off all they need to have with them for their arrival and first few days. By doing so, you will have some idea about their life at university and feel secure in knowing they have all the information they need to start their studies.

If you are worried about accommodation, the university provides a range of options for our students. For more information please visit the Accommodation pages.

The maintenance loan from Student Finance England is unlikely to cover all a student’s living expenses so you may need to think about how you might want to  support them while at University.

The Student Support and Wellbeing Advisors can offer advice on financial support such as student loans, bursaries and ways to budget.

You can upload funds to a student’s Smartcard remotely via the Way2Pay App so you know they can pay for food and drink while on campus.

At Canterbury Christ Church University we take the safety of our students and staff seriously.

Although Canterbury and Medway are safe places and the risks of anything untoward happening are low we do encourage our students to be careful. 

We have invested in the SafeZone app which allows students to alert University Security if they ever need urgent assistance, first aid or if they have an emergency while on campus via their mobile phone.

We also have Street Marshals who help student get home safely on their night out in Canterbury.

You can help look after your son's/daughter's health whilst they are studying away from home by ensuring they are up-to-date with all routine vaccinations (including MMR, Meningitis C and Tetanus).

Once a student arrives at university, they should register with a GP close to where they will be living. Students who are not registered with a local GP will find it very difficult to see a doctor if they are not registered (and the university is powerless to do anything in these circumstances). 

If they are ill at home and are not attending their studies, someone should notify the University immediately so that appropriate staff can be informed via phone 01227 922 222 or email to advise of any absence.

The University offers a range of mental health and wellbeing support including self help guides, online support and counselling. 

If a student has a mental health condition please encourage them to disclose so we can get them the support they need. The can pre-register with the mental health team before they arrive.

If you need to contact the University in an emergency, you can do so on the following numbers during office hours:

  • Canterbury:+44 (0)1227 921 000
  • Medway:+44 (0)1634 924 000

For all emergencies out of office hours, between 17:30 and 09:00 and during weekends and public holidays:

  • All campuses: +44 (0)1227 921 111

Please note: if you contact the university in an emergency, we will not be able to tell you information about a student, but we will endeavour to get a message to them and ask that they contact you as soon as possible.

The university is a registered data user and has responsibilities under the Data Protection Act. Consequently, we cannot disclose information to parents about students registered at the University. Although staff can advise you about university information (since this is not personal data), we will not be able to disclose personal information about individual students such as their attendance to classes, how well they are doing or whether they have paid their accommodation charges.

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