Registering as a Student

Registration is the process that all students must go through to become a Canterbury Christ Church University student, enabling you to successfully begin your studies.

Registration will enable you to start your course, receive your Student Smartcard, have access to all of our services and to release your Student Loan or Bursary (if you are entitled to one).

What you need to do to complete your Registration

Student registration is a two-part process as follows:

1. Online

You will need to start your registration before you arrive by completing online tasks in your Student Portal. You will be invited into the Student Portal soon after accepting your offer.

It is essential that you engage with these online tasks before you arrive to ensure your registration goes smoothly.

  • Upload your photograph via the ‘Get your Smartcard’ tile in your Student Portal, if you have not done so already.  This will enable us to prepare your Smartcard (your personal University Student ID) for when you arrive and allow you from the start to access a range of key services from registering your attendance to accessing the library and much more. 

Your Smartcard photo is your ID so needs to meet certain criteria (similar to Passport photos).  So when uploading your photo please make sure the following criteria is met:

In colour, and taken against a light background;
Taken recently;
Taken of you facing forward with your eyes open and clearly visible (with no sunglasses, tinted glasses or hair across your eyes);
Free from reflection or excessive shadows;
Of you on your own (no other people or objects in the photo);
Taken of the full head, without any covering, unless it is worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons;
Taken with nothing covering your face.

  • You will be prompted back into your Student Portal by email to complete the ‘Confirm Your Details’ tile in your Student Portal. You will be asked to check and update your personal details, confirm your fees payment plan and agree to the University’s Terms and Conditions of Student Registration.

 2. Face to Face

The majority of students will also be required to attend a face to face Welcome and Registration event.  

When to complete your registration

Please check your Welcome Schedule for the date, time and location of your Welcome and Registration event. The Welcome Schedule will also outline your welcome activities organised by your programme.   

Combined Honours students will only need to attend the one Registration and Welcome event.

What to bring

Please carefully read the detailed guidance for the original documents you must bring along to your face to face registration event. This is different depending on what course you are on.  These will include identification, qualifications and any conditions connected to your offer:

Your original documents will be checked to confirm you have met your conditions of offer and have the right to study in the UK in order to complete your registration. 

 Terms and Conditions of Student Registration

The arrangements set out in these Terms and Conditions apply to all students registered with Canterbury Christ Church University and define the basis of the contractual agreement between you as the student and us as the University.

It is important you read the Terms and Conditions so you understand the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that are in place to help ensure all students are treated fairly.  You will be asked to agree to these as part of your online registration tasks. 

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