Moving out of Student Accommodation

There's several things you should do when leaving your student accommodation, whether it is university or privately owned.

Prior to leaving your student accommodation, you should consider the following to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Change your address – do this two to three weeks before you move, so you don’t miss any important post. Re-direct your post and don’t forget to tell the University too by filling out this form so that CCCU can stay in touch with you.
  • Check your tenancy agreement to understand the details of handing back the property at the end of the tenancy. It should include clear guidance as to what the landlord or letting agent expects from you.
  • Check your inventory and make sure every item meets the condition indicated on the original list. Make a note of any considerable wear or damage and inform the landlord or letting agent.
  • Clean the property thoroughly – this should be a team effort with your flat mates/housemates, to ensure it’s not the responsibility of the last person left in the property! It might be worth getting a professional in. Don’t forget to include tidying the garden and any outside areas.
  • Take final meter readings and unsubscribe from your gas, electricity, phone, water and any other suppliers within plenty of time, to ensure you are not charged after you have left the property. Make sure all your bills are settled before you leave.
  • Talk to the landlord or letting agent and arrange an inspection date when you’re still in the property, so you can inspect it together.

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