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You can request study areas across the University campuses through OnTime, the University's online timetabling and rooming system.

Once you are at the OnTime website you can request rooms for student purposes by visiting the Non-Teaching Requests page.

You can also request study areas across the University campuses through OnTime

Book a Room via OnTime

 Types of study areas

In addition to areas designated for quiet study and open access computing, Augustine House offers you a number of flexible working spaces.

For group activities, it is also possible to request one of seven study rooms, each equipped with a PC and a large screen for presentations.

In addition, there are three individual study pods, available to request at evenings and weekends.

Request a room through OnTime.

You can book Augustine House study spaces instantly. Other rooms will need to be confirmed by the Timetabling team first. You will be contacted with confirmation prior to the room being requested and the team will contact you if there are any issues with the request.

Please seek permission from the Student Union Activities Coordinator prior to submitting your request.

For study areas with a room capacity larger than 40, please contact the following people for approval: 

Information on room capacity can be found on the Non-Teaching Requests pages on OnTime.

If you require a room for filming, you will need to obtain a signature from your tutor authorising this.

Please ask your tutor to email the Timetabling and Rooming Team  and include your student ID which can be located on your smartcard.

If you are a student and are planning to photograph or record video footage in Augustine House, you will need to complete a permission form in advance to ensure that your activities are not interrupted by the Library Staff or Security.

Please seek permission from the Chaplaincy prior to submitting your request. 

The use of certain rooms, such as the wards in St Paul’s and other specialist rooms, have to be authorised by the appropriate member of staff.

If you wish to use a specialist room, please contact the i-zone who will be able to point you in the right direction. 

If you wish to make use of the facilities at Christ Church Sports Centre, please contact centre staff directly.

Contact the Sports Centre.


Student Bookings Terms and Conditions

Before booking a room, please make sure that you agree….

  1. To be responsible for any keys required, for any damage incurred and for any extra cleaning charges.
  2. To leave the room as you find it; equipment (e.g. pianos) must not be moved.
  3. To be aware of others around you and to keep noise to a reasonable level.
  4. To cancel your request as soon as you realise that you will not be needing it.
  5. To inform the Timetabling and Rooming Office of any non-standard use (sport, filming etc).
  6. To keep fire doors clear from obstruction
  7. To take care of flooring when re-arranging furniture.
  8. To refrain from ball games other than in rooms designated for such activities (i.e. the Sports Centre). 



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