Lost and Replacement Keys

Please take care not to lose your keys or access card. It is important that you remove the key tag, which identifies your address, immediately. This is an obvious but important security measure - if you lose your keys with the tag on, anyone finding them will be able to identify the address to which they relate.


If you do lose your keys/access card

Replacements are available from Security Receptions, but a charge of up to £80 will be payable. In some cases, it may be necessary to change your lock which will incur an additional charge.

For those who have been granted on-site parking. Charges may also apply to replace lost parking fobs.

Do not give your keys to anyone else. Keep them safe and remove the address tag.

If you lose your keys/access card please report the loss to Security Reception immediately.

See the University Accommodation Licence Agreement for more information about your responsibilities.


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Last edited: 27/03/2020 15:05:00