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If you feel unwell you should seek medical advice. Depending on the severity of your symptoms we recommend you contact the relevant health professional.

For advice on how to look after your health and register with a GP we have worked with the NHS to produce this helpful Student Guide to NHS Services.

To be exempt from NHS charges, students who are 19 and over (Full- or Part-Time) must fill in an HC1 form. Students who are under 19 must be able to prove their age and student status.

HC1 forms are available from your GP Surgery, Opticians, Dental Surgeries or Help with Health Costs.

You should register with a GP Practice close to where you live as soon as possible.  Do not wait until you are ill. If you have moved to this area to study, you should register with a doctor here and not near your family home, as you will now spend most of your time here.

To find a GP service in your local area please use NHS Services.

NHS111 provides out-of-hours medical services when your GP surgery is closed.

If you require assistance out-of-hours, first contact your surgery who will provide you with a recorded message and contact options for you to ring.

During your time at university you may hear about or be in contact with Meningitis, Mumps or Glandular Fever. Visit the NHS website for symptoms, general information regarding these infections, and when to seek further medical help.

Older teenagers and university students are identified as being at a higher risk of infection because they tend to live in close contact in shared accommodation, such as university halls of residence.

If you haven’t had your Men ACWY vaccine, we recommend that you get in touch with your GP and ask for the vaccine. If you are over 25 and feel you would benefit from the meningitis vaccine, please contact your GP to discuss the options that are available to you.

Visit the website for more information on the signs and symptoms of meningitis.

For genuine medical emergencies, dial 999. If you phone from your campus, you must inform Security (01227 922111) so they can direct the Ambulance that attends.

If you need First Aid at the Canterbury Campus, you should go to Reception, so appropriate help can be summoned. If you are away from the main Canterbury Campus, contact Reception (or ‘front office’) at your campus location.

The University has a number of staff able to provide First Aid, and their contact details are normally displayed at Reception, in Halls of Residence and in other key locations.

If you need to see a dentist visit NHS Services where you can search the website for local dental practices.

Contact Kent Dentaline on: 01634 890300

Their normal opening hours are every evening 7pm-10.30pm plus weekends and bank holiday mornings 9.30am to 11am.





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