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Christ Church Students’ Union is a Charity organisation run by students for students, providing support and representation for every student across all our campuses.

In becoming a Student at Canterbury Christ Church you are automatically a member of our Students’ Union. No charge is involved but you are free to ‘opt out’ if you wish; this can be done by notifying the President of the Students’ Union or the Registry.

Your membership to the Union gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions and shape the future of Canterbury Christ Church University.

The Students' Union is run by students who are elected by students – and everyone can have their say.

Working together

Canterbury Christ Church University and the Christ Church Students' Union work in partnership with you, the student, and how we do this is described within the Student and University Partnership Agreement below:

The University has a data sharing agreement with Christ Church Students’ Union. This sets out how students’ personal information can be used and shared between the University and the Union.

Students' Union Constitution

The University agrees the Students' Union constitution (which is called the Articles of Association) and the Students' Union Code of Practice, both of which are available below:

Freedom of Speech and External Speakers

The University has a commitment to promoting the freedom of speech. It has agreed a Code of Practice on the Freedom of Speech, which also includes the Students' Union. You can read about the Universities approach to the freedom of speech here:

Code of Practice on the Freedom of Speech and External Speakers

There is advice on booking external speakers for events, including those for Students' Union events, on the University Solicitors area of this website.

The Students' Union Website - Disclaimer Information about the Students' Union is available via its website, which, like the Union itself, is operated independently of the University. The University accepts no responsibility for the contents of the Students' Union website or for any actions taken based upon its content. Any views expressed within the Students' Union website are not necessarily those of the University. 

NB: it is recommended for security reasons that you do not use your University logon details for any other purpose. Please be aware that when you log into the Students' Union website you are not using a University system.

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