Study Spaces

From 3 August the library will be open for Click and Study. This will make a limited number of bookable computer desks and study spaces in Augustine House available for essential work, research or study.

We have started by opening up the study spaces, PCs, Macs and printing facilities on the Ground floor and First floor to build confidence, test processes and increase availability on the other floors, as we move forward. Read Introducing Click and Study for details of the available study spaces.

How do I book a computer or study space?

The study spaces are to be used for individual study and will be 2 metres apart from each other. Social distancing will be in place throughout. Computer desks and study spaces can be booked for

  • morning sessions from 10.00am – 1.15pm 
  • afternoon session from 2:15pm – 5.30pm 
  • both sessions but note that all spaces will be unavailable between 1.15pm and 2.15pm for cleaning  

Study spaces can be booked up to two weeks in advance. You will require your smartcard to access the building. 

What facilities are currently available?

You will be able to: 

  • use Click and Collect in advance of your visit if you need access to library materials 

  • use the printing, scanning and photocopying facilities. If you require additional printing credits, these can only be purchased online

  • connect to the WiFi via the eduroam network 

  • use the toilets and hand washing facilities 

  • use provided disinfectant wipes to clean your study space or the printer before and after use. 

  • use the water dispenser on the ground floor

  • use the vending machines 

  • use the microwave 

  • make use of the braille room by prior arrangement with the student disability team 

  • use the baby changing and breastfeeding room 

At present you won’t be able to: 

  • access the book shelves (please use the Click and Collect service in advance of your visit) 

  • use lockers 

  • use charging lockers 

  • use i-borrows laptops, but you may bring your own laptop 

  • use the atrium or touchdown cafés which remain closed 

  • Use LibrarySearch terminals, please use the LibrarySearch website instead 

  • use the Faith Space 

We are working on making all these facilities available by the start of next semester. 

Respect the space and other Library users 
Hygiene & Distancing 

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure to the virus, consider the following questions. 

  • Have you returned from any overseas country within the last 14 days?  

  • Have you had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days?  

  • Have you been in close contact with anyone who has travelled within the last 14 days to any overseas country?  

  • Have you experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (to include fever, anosmia, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing?  

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then please do not leave home. Please ensure you follow the guidance on self-isolation


  • Only to use a study space if you have received a booking confirmation.  

  • You will need to wipe down your mouse and keyboard before and after use with the wipes provided 

  • You will need to wipe down the printer before and after use with the wipes provided 

  • Respect social distancing and try to remain two metres apart. Look out for signage that indicates the safe spacing in queues. 

  • Use the prescribed routes around the building and follow the directional signage. 

  • Do not rearrange the furniture which has been setup with social distancing in mind.  

  • Please wash your hands regularly using the hand sanitiser stations or soap and water in the toilets. 

  • Please place all your rubbish in the appropriate recycling or waste bins. 

  • Please check that you’ve taken all your belongings with you when you leave 


If you are being disturbed by unreasonable noise in any of our Library spaces please do let Library staff know as soon as possible – we’re proud of our spaces and keen to help make sure they are being used appropriately so that everyone can get the best out of them! 

At Augustine House, you can report noise issues here

Code of Conduct 

Please remember to follow the Code of Conduct at all times in Augustine House. 

We understand that your study needs will differ throughout the peaks and troughs of the academic year: sometimes you need to work as a group, other times to get your head down and really focus in silence. We have four different study zones to help you find a space that suits your learning style. In the light of coronavirus pandemic we are planning to adapt our existing study zones as follows: 

 The Silent Zones are in the west wing of the second and third floors of Augustine House. These areas are for times when you need to work on your own in silence. 

  • Work silently - no talking or whispering at all in this area, please.
  • Cold food only - no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • No leaky headphones - please make sure others can't hear your music.
  • No phones - please keep phones on silent and take phone calls in the Atrium.

 The Quiet Zones are available on the east wing of the second and third floor. These are spaces to focus on your work. Most PCs and printers are in these areas.

  • Work quietly - please respect other library users. Consider using the Group Work Zone or Atrium if you need to discuss your work.
  • Cold food only - no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • No leaky headphones - please make sure others can't hear your music.
  • No phones - please keep phones on silent and take phone calls in the Atrium.

The west wing on the ground and first floors are both group study zones.

  • For online collaboration - use these areas when you need to dsicuss work with others online.
  • Hold socially distanced conversations - where you need to include others with your work.
  • Cold food only - no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • Quiet calls allowed - please keep phones on vibrate/silent. No calls on loud speaker please. 

All study spaces in the atrium can be used for more social, casual work or just taking a break from your studies. There are plenty of PCs and desks here, and there is also access to an outdoor terrace from the back of the second floor. 

  • For working together and socialising - feel free to hold socially distanced conversations.
  • Stay connected - feel free to use this area for video chat, online meetings or catching up with home.
  • Cold food only - no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • Phones allowed - please take your phone here to make calls. You can leave the ringer of your phone when you're in the atrium.

To view a map of Augustine House, including all the study spaces, click here.


If you are a student and are planning to photograph or record video footage in Augustine House, you will need to complete a permission form in advance to ensure that your activities are not interrupted by the Library Staff or Security.

Access the permission form


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