Study Spaces

There are over 1,000 study places across our libraries, with a range of PCs, Macs, laptops, and printers.

We offer Wi-Fi access and power sockets for your own devices, movable and height-adjustable desks, individual seats, large tables and sofas. We also provide storage and charging lockers so you can keep your belongings secure whilst you are studying.

There is a Faith Space available in Augustine House for the use of students and staff. This is located just outside the security gates at the side entrance of the building. Please visit the Faith Spaces page for further details. 

We understand that your study needs will differ throughout the peaks and troughs of the academic year: sometimes you need to work as a group, other times to get your head down and really focus in silence. We have four different study zones to help you find a space that suits your learning style.

To view a map of Augustine House, including all the study spaces, click here. You can also book one of the flexible working spaces in Augustine House via OnTime.



The Silent Zones are in the west wing of the second and third floors of Augustine House. These areas are for times when you need to work on your own in silence. 

  • Work silently - no talking or whispering at all in this area, please.
  • Cold food only - no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • No leaky headphones - please make sure others can't hear your music.
  • No phones - please keep phones on silent and take phone calls in the Social Study Zone.


The Quiet Zones are available on the east wing of the second and third floor. These are spaces to focus on your work. Most PCs and printers are in these areas.

  • Work quietly - please respect other library users and keep conversations short. Consider using the Group Work Zone or Social Study Zone if you need to discuss your work.
  • Cold food only - no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • No leaky headphones - please make sure others can't hear your music.
  • No phones - please keep phones on silent and take phone calls in the Social Study Zone.

The west wing on the ground and first floors are both group study zones. There are also bookable group study rooms on the first, second and third floors of the Library, each with a PC and large screen. You can use these rooms to do collaborative work, such as group assignments or practicing presentations.

To book a group study room or check room availability, please visit OnTime. You can also use these study rooms without booking, but you may need to move if others have previously booked the room.

  • For focused group work and collaboration - use these areas when discussion and working together is essential.
  • Cold food only - no hot, smelly or noisy food.
  • No excessive noise - remember the study rooms are not soundproof! Please make sure your conversation or music stays inside your study room.
  • Quiet phone calls allowed - please keep phones on vibrate/silent. No calls on loud speaker please. 


All study spaces in the atrium are Social Study Zones. You can use them for more social, casual work or just taking a break from your studies. There are plenty of PCs and desks here, and there is also access to an outdoor terrace from the back of the second floor.

  • For working together and socialising - feel free to discuss work, chat and relax.
  • Cold food only - please keep hot food to the Atrium Cafe.
  • Phones allowed - please take your phone here to make calls.

Respect the space and other Library users


If you are being disturbed by unreasonable noise in any of our Library spaces please do let Library staff know as soon as possible – we’re proud of our spaces and keen to help make sure they are being used appropriately so that everyone can get the best out of them!

At Augustine House, you can report noise issues here.


Help keep the spaces neat and tidy by disposing of all litter responsibly. Please recycle all your rubbish using the bins provided.

Take A Break

If you are taking a break from your studies it is important to remember to save your work and lock your computer. To make it easy, when you click on the "Start Menu" icon, there is a Take a Break Tile. This locks your computer for 20 minutes and closes it down completely after that. Please do not reserve a space in the Library for more than 20 minutes. 

Code of Conduct

Please remember to follow the Code of Conduct at all times in Augustine House.


If you are a student and are planning to photograph or record video footage in Augustine House, you will need to complete a permission form in advance to ensure that your activities are not interrupted by the Library Staff or Security.

Access the permission form


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