Borrowing, Returning and Reservations

Our print and audio visual items can be borrowed by anyone with a University smartcard or Library Card.

Exceptions are journals and items marked as Reference, which can't be borrowed, and Special Collections, including theses, which are not available on open shelves. To borrow items you will need your smartcard. Self-service machines are available at all our libraries.

You can borrow:

  • 20 items from the 4-week loan Collection
  • 6 items from the 7-day loan Collection
  • 2 items from the 24-hour loan Collection
  • 20 items from the Curriculum Resources Collection
  • 1 iBorrow laptop on 24 hour loan (available from Augustine House Library Point during staffed hours)

Students eligible for extended loans (by arrangement with the Student Disability Service) will have 7-day Collection items issued for 14 days.

All loans, except for 24-hour loan items, will be renewed automatically on a rolling basis (in accordance with the loan period of the item), unless the item is reserved by another user.

24-hour loans cannot be reserved and are not renewable.

If your loan has been requested then it will not be renewed; you will be notified by email that the loan will need returning.

If you encounter any problems then please contact us as soon as possible for assistance.

If you require somebody to borrow library items on your behalf, please fill in the form below:

  • Name

You will receive an acknowledgement email with guidelines on how items can be collected.

You can cancel your proxy borrowing arrangement at any time by emailing

You can log into your LibrarySearch library account online for a list of items you have on loan.

A monthly statement with details of items on loan will be sent to you by email so that you can keep track of the items you have on loan and decide if you need to return those that you don’t need any longer.

It is important you check your monthly borrowing statement and library account regularly so that you know when your items are due for return.

Once the book has been requested, you will receive an email to let you know and to advise you to return the item.

At that point, the item will stop being renewed and the due date will be the date for you to return the item.

If the reservation is satisfied before you bring your copy back, the loan will be automatically renewed again.

You can return items to any campus library; items do not have to be returned to the library they were borrowed from. iBorrow laptops must be returned at Augustine House library point during staffed hours.


Items can be returned:

  • through the self-returns machines (except iBorrow laptops)
  • by bringing items to the staffed desks (during staffed hours)
  • If you are having difficulty getting to the Library to return books, you can post them to your home library.

You are responsible for the book until it is returned, so we recommend that you get proof of postage. We will take the return date as being the date your parcel was date stamped by the postal service.

If you have a disability that requires a drop off point for Library items on North Holmes Road campus, please contact Student Support who will make the necessary arrangements for you.

LibrarySearch can be used to search for items across all our campus libraries. You can use it to see which of our libraries hold copies of the items you are interested in.

Reservations are made by logging into LibrarySearch. After logging in, you will always see a “Place Reservation” button alongside the item details but you can only place a reservation if there are no copies currently available at your home library.

Reservations can be placed:

  • If all the copies of the item are out on loan at your home library.
  • If the copy is only held at another campus library and not at your home library. It can then be reserved and sent to your chosen pick up library.

You can:

  • Place reservations on 4-week and 7-day items.
  • Request a maximum of 20 items at a time.
  • Check your reservations by logging into your LibrarySearch account. To cancel any reservations that are no longer required go in to the “holds” tab, check the relevant item and press the “Cancel Hold(s)” button.

Notification and collection:

  • Notification is sent to your university e-mail address when an item is ready for collection.
  • The item will be held for one week for you to collect.
  • Items are collected from your campus libraries reservations pick-up point. At Augustine House this is located next to the self-service returns point.
  • Your items will be indicated by a paper slip with your surname and last five digits of your student card number.

If you are unable to place a reservation on an item please contact us for assistance

As a member of Canterbury Christ Church University, you can borrow items across our entire network of libraries and if the item you want is on the shelf at another Library, we’ll bring the item to your home library for you to pick up.

Place a reservation on the item in the same way as you would above and you’ll be notified by your University email address when it’s arrived by courier and ready for collection.

You can’t reserve a copy of an item from another library if there is a copy available on the shelf at your home library or if it is a 24-hour loan.

A fetching service for books and other items on our open shelves is available for those who have difficulty accessing the material themselves.

  • You can request up to six items per day, two per form.
  • The service is available seven days a week. We will endeavour to make the material available the same day, but please allow up to 48 hours for requests to be fulfilled.
  • You will receive an email to advise you that an item is ready to collect from the reservations shelf. You will just need to issue the item on the self-issue machine.
  • Remember you can have a maximum of 20 items reserved on your account at any time.
  • If all copies of an item are on loan or only available at another campus library, you can place a reservation for the item yourself through LibrarySearch.

Please complete the form below:

  • Item 1 Information
  • Item 2 Information
  • Your Details
  • Name
  • Pick Up Location
  • Choose the library from which you want to pick up the item:


Requests for alternative formats can be made at any point during your studies. You should submit your request using this form in advance of the semester you require it for. In order for us to request a digital copy:

  • The item needs to be available in the library. You will need to check LibrarySearch to see if we have the item before making the request.
  • The formats that are regularly available include: large print, Rich Text Format, PDF. Items can also be converted into braille or audio versions. Please let us know which format you require in this form.
  • If an e-book is available then we would not supply an alternative format as this can be used with assistive software.
  • Contact Student Support if you require advice about the format you require.

We will try to supply an alternative format, but it is not always possible. You can also make use of the productivity software available at the University. 




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