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Your Smartcard is very important during your studies at Christ Church. Not only is it your personal University Student ID card, allowing you access to a range of student services, it will be your identification on campus.

  • Track your attendance at University. Click here for more information.
  • Gain access to your campus library to borrow books (between your programme start and end date).
  • Gain access to Augustine House during extended opening hours.
  • Use it to print, copy or scan on any of the multi-functional devices (MFDs) available on all campuses.
  • Gain access to restricted areas that you may need to use, such as computing labs and accommodation (visit Security Lodge for this to be activated on your card).
  • Use it as a cashless card at catering outlets on campus and at the University Bookshop.
  • Use your card for visual identification
  • Receive discounts on purchases at various high street stores.

More on smartcards

Your Smartcard photo is your ID so needs to meet certain criteria (similar to Passport photos).  So when uploading your photo please make sure the following criteria is met:

• In colour, and taken against a light background;

• Taken recently;

• Taken of you facing forward with your eyes open and clearly visible (with no sunglasses, tinted glasses or hair across your eyes);

• Free from reflection or excessive shadows;

• Of you on your own (no other people or objects in the photo);

• Taken of the full head, without any covering, unless it is worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons;

• Taken with nothing covering your face.

 If your smartcard is due to expire, please contact the i-zone no earlier than 6 weeks prior to the printed expiry date.

If you have lost your smartcard you can have a replacement card which costs £8.

Please contact the i-zone directly who will be able to provide further instructions on payment and delivery of your replacement Smartcard.

If your smartcard has been stolen and you have valid crime reference number, you will be entitled to a free replacement. Please contact the i-zone as soon as possible.

  •  The card is issued as an access card for University facilities (subject to access rights) and as a visual identity check.
  • The card does not guarantee that the holder is a member of Canterbury Christ Church University. The cardholder's rights to individual services may expire independently of the nominal expiry date printed on the card.
  • Use or attempted use by anyone other than the cardholder constitutes as fraud against the University, and the University may take action against the perpetrator. In such circumstances, the card will be retained and cleared from the system for security reasons and the £8 replacement charge will come into operation. Disciplinary action in line with University procedures may be taken against the cardholder where the cardholder gave access to the card in any way and by any means to another.
  • The cardholder must take all reasonable care to prevent the card being damaged, lost, stolen or misused, and a charge will be made for a replacement.
  • Agreement to these terms and conditions is implied on the cardholder receiving the card.

When you complete your programme of study and leave the University, or if you withdraw from the University prior to the end of your programme, you must surrender your card to the Registry, Augustine House.

The card will be disabled for access to all facilities from the last date of study. 

  • The card remains the property of the University at all times
  • The University reserves the right to withdraw from an individual, any or all of the facilities of the card and request that the card be surrendered, if there is evidence the card is being misused in any way, and disciplinary action may be taken in line with the University procedures
  • The University reserves the right to withdraw all cards, suspend some or all of the facilities or replace the card with one or more alternatives, without prior notice


If you have more specific questions relating to Smartcards, answers can be found in the i-zone FAQs using the keyword 'Smartcards' or through contacting the i-zone directly.

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