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Whether you are looking for a specific policy relating to an aspect of your studies or student life, you should be able to find it here. If anything is missing or you can't find what you need, please contact the i-zone.

Policy Zone Categories

See all of the student policies, arranged by category to help you find what you are looking for.

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Policy Zone A-Z

All of our policies for students are also available in this A-Z listing if you already know the name of the policy you are looking for.

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Terms and Conditions of Registration

All students must agree to the Terms and Conditions of Registration when studying at CCCU. Historical versions are also available as PDFs for quick reference.

View the registration terms and conditions


Learning and Teaching strategy

The Learning and Teaching strategy sets out the University's commitment to providing you with an outstanding higher education experience 

View the Students' Guide


Unauthorised or referenced copying of others work, whether academic or otherwise is not permitted. The specifics of what plagiarism means at CCCU is available here.

What is plagiarism

Tuition Fees

It is important that you understand how your fees are calculated, whether you are an Undergraduate or Postgraduate student.

More details on tuition fees


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