Undergraduate Reassessments:Tier 4 Visas

Ressessment Arrangements for Undergraduate Students Holding Tier 4 Visas

  • It is very important that you understand the consequences of failing a module as this can have a significant impact on whether we are able to provide you with a CAS to extend your visa.
  • UKVI requirements restrict you to:
    • (i) a maximum of five years to complete your undergraduate degree;
    • (ii) a maximum of three attempts to pass a module.
  • There can be no exceptions to the first requirement in point (i) above.
  • We can vary the restriction in point (ii), but only in very exceptional circumstances.
  • Offers made by Examination Boards that contravene these rules will be overturned by the Academic Registrar.

Consequences of failing a Module

  • An Examination Board may provide you with an opportunity to re-sit a failed module before the start of the following academic year. It is important to understand that an Examination Board will review your progress, and attendance, before taking a decision to offer any re-sit opportunities.
  • If you have failed too many modules then an Examination Board may only offer you the opportunity to repeat the year as a whole. You can only do this once at each Level, subject to the overall maximum time limit of 5 years to complete your degree.
  • However, it is important to understand that after a poor performance an Examination Board may ask you to withdraw, especially if your attendance has been poor.

Consequences of repeating a Year

  • Reminder: you are only allowed three opportunities overall to pass a module.
  • If you have already taken re-sit opportunities during your first attempt at a year then no re-sit opportunities are permitted during your second attempt at that academic year.
  • If you fail a year and do not attempt any re-sits then an Examination Board may permit you to have one re-sit opportunity to pass each failed module during your repeat year.

Year 1

  • At the end of your first attempt at Year 1, very exceptionally, and subject to evidence of substantial commitment and real progress, an Examination Board may offer you a second opportunity to re-sit a failed module before the start of the second year. Please note that if you fail this second attempt then you will be required to withdraw from the programme and you should seek the advice of your tutors before taking this risk.

NB If you have any queries about what the above might mean to you then please contact the University UKVI Compliance Office.


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