Interviews and assessments

Interviews can vary from an informal chat for vacation work, to the often long and pressurised graduate recruitment process.

There is some general preparation that will always make you feel more confident on the day:

  • Confirm you will attend by telephone, e-mail or in writing
  • Enquire how long the interview is likely to last and the format it will take; how many people are interviewing; whether there will be any tests, e.g. written, psychometric
  • Know your application form/CV inside out: some interviews are heavily based around what you have written. Prepare additional examples of skills and competencies to strengthen your answers
  • Research as much as you can about the opportunity, the role and the organisation – The CORE has a company research template which can complete, which will ensure you are fully prepared.
  • List the skills required for the role, preparing answers on how you have demonstrated these in the past
  • Plan your travel arrangements well in advance; allow time for delays

Use the Interview Preparation Checklist available via The CORE, Interviews and Assessments section. This section also has lots more interview preparation techniques and tips. Why not arrange a mock interview with a Careers Consultant, book an appointment with an adviser via with your contact telephone number.

Different types of interview

  • Telephone interviews may be used by large employers in the early stages of the recruitment process, but should be prepared for in the same way as a face-to-face interview.
  • Competence-based Interviews – this is usually where the employer will interview based upon a set of chosen competencies and skills, according to their preferred options – common ones are teamwork, leadership, communication, decision making and so on. Read more on these, and see our factsheet via The CORE.
  • Panel interviews – we can advise you on how to face more than one interview, which is very common in graduate jobs. See The CORE or book a mock panel interview to get the full experience!
  • Technical Interviews – this type of interview could be used to assess specialist skills, particularly in the engineering, technology and science sectors.
  • Video/Skype Interviews – read tips for video interviews on The CORE and to practice the full experience, use The CORE’s Interview simulator!

Assessment centres and psychometric testing

  • Assessment centres can be 1-2 days of further recruitment procedures, to assess your ability and personality, either after your interview or including your interview.
  • The assessment will involve a series of competencies, one of which may be psychometric tests. These are a series of timed exercises testing such things as your verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.

For practice psychometric tests and further information and advice on assessment days, please go to the ‘Interviews and Assessments’ Section of The CORE or contact us for some practice tests.


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