CVs and applications

We can help you with your CVs, covering letters, personal statements and application forms. This will often be your first chance to make a good impression to an employer, so spend time getting it right.


  • Your CV should demonstrate your attributes and sell your skills, in order for you to secure an interview.
  • Your CV should be succinct, strong and relevant for each position you apply for.
  • There are different types of CV, and different CV styles. If you are unsure of what type and style you should be using, use our CORE drop-in service or email us at You must bring your CV with you as a starting point.
  • Students and graduates can go to The CORE for CV examples, information and tips as well as use our CV Builder, to start a CV from scratch.

Cover letters

  • This document should complement your CV, as your opportunity to sell yourself.
  • It allows you be particularly relevant about the position you are applying for, and is therefore just as important as the CV itself.
  • Remember to state why you wish to work for the organisation, in that particular job role.
  • For more tips on cover letters go to The CORE ‘CVs and Applications’ Section.

Application forms

  • Application forms standardise the application process, to ensure it is fair and straightforward.
  • You need to market your skills, knowledge, qualities and experience within their set template.
  • There are some basic tips that will apply for all forms, so follow our application forms guide on The CORE and contact us with any specific questions.

Personal statements

  • If you are required to produce a personal statement as part of an application, we can help.
  • We have a Personal Statement section on The CORE for you to create your first draft then:
  • Send to and our Careers Consultants will read through your draft and suggest further improvements.

Speculative applications

  • A speculative application means you contact the company with your cover letter and CV, even though they have not advertised for a position.
  • Speculative applications can be effective with companies who are often too busy to go through the advertising process, so ensure you sell yourself - For tips on how to do this, contact us.


Remember You can get your CV, cover letter, or application checked at drop-in or by emailing it to



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