Self-Certification Request

If something short-term, unexpected, out of the ordinary and beyond your control happens that effects your ability to complete your assessment you may be able to make a Self-Certification request for:
  • A 7 day extension to your coursework deadline
  • The chance to take your examination or time-specific assessment at the next available opportunity. 

This type of request is designed for issues of a very short-term nature (i.e. affecting you for no more than a week) which occur just before, or at the time of your assessment deadline.

You therefore need to submit the request:

  • No more than 14 days before your assessment deadline and
  • No later than the assessment deadline or date.

This type of request can only be approved on two occasions per academic year for an acceptable reason.

If you have already made two requests in a year or you have passed the assessment deadline you may need to consider submitting an Evidenced-Based Extension Request.

Acceptable reasons for making a Self-Certification request are:

  • Short term illness e.g. flu, gastroenteritis, serious emergency dental problem
  • Recent bereavement or exceptional and unexpected caring responsibilities (e.g. illness of child, parent, sibling, spouse or partner)
  • Exceptional family crisis (e.g. major illness of relative or partner, divorce or separation)
  • An unexpected issue related to pregnancy, maternity or paternity
  • Serious or significant personal incident (e.g. house fire, homelessness, unexpected house move, direct experience of natural disaster)

If your reason is not listed above, you should speak to your Programme Team as soon as possible for advice. Please also read: Reasons for which Extenuating Circumstances (of any type) cannot be approved.

For coursework, it is important to continue with your work and submit it as soon as you can and do not wait for a response, because:

  • If your request is approved, the new submission date will be 7 days from your original deadline, not from the date you receive the decision.If you submit after the new deadline you have been given, your work will be subject to late penalties (as normal) unless you have made (and had approved) an Evidence-Based Extension request to further extend your deadline.
  • If your request is not approved, submitting your work as soon as possible will minimise the late penalty you receive if you submit after your deadline.

You will need to complete the Word Form below no later than the assessment deadline and will need the following information:

  • Your student ID number (this can be found on your Smartcard)
  • All relevant module titles and codes (module codes start with the letter 'M' and are a maximum of 9 digits in length; these can be found on the Module Blackboard or in your Programme Handbook)
  • Your assessment deadline(s) or date(s)

You should submit this form by email to your Programme Administrator.

If you are in the Faculty of Health & Wellbeing please attach and send your form directly to

If you are a combined honours student you should send your form to the administrators for each subject. 

If you are unsure where to send your form, please check your module blackboard, Programme Handbook or ask the i-zone.

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