Changes to Terms and Conditions of Registration

While we seek to minimise changes to the Terms and Conditions during your period of registration, there are times when we do need to make changes.

These are the changes taking effect for 2017/2018

Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Students  - The University, following consultation with staff and students, has reviewed the Assessment Regulations for all undergraduate students and has approved two sets of Assessment Regulations (Outgoing and New).

Students who started before September 2017 and have continuous progression will be on the Outgoing Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Students.

Students who started from September 2017 will be on the New Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Students

Student Disciplinary Procedure - Following consultation with the Students’ Union, the University approved new arrangements for student disciplinary matters. These new arrangements represent a development of existing procedures. For the full procedures click here.

There are several changes taking effect for 2016/17, as follows:

Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Students – there have been three specific changes in relation what happens when students fail a component of assessment or a module. We consider that these will be of benefit to students.

Social Media Policy for Students – we have rewritten the policy to make it easier to read and have provided clearer guidelines for students using social media while at the University.

Core Regulations for the Use of IT – we have brought the regulations up to date and rewritten them to make them easier to read.

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