William Hartley

William Hartley


I studied Politics and IR at Canterbury Christ Church between 2009 and 2012 and just one week after my final exam in May 2012 I was hired by a French translation company specialised in finance. Shortly after completing their training programme I was sent to London to develop their existing business. In 2013 their London office had doubled its turnover and I was promoted to regional director. In March 2014 I decided to try something new and left to start my own company, Pilcrow Ltd.

My degree helped my career in many ways. My clients are banking institutions, asset management and law firms. They are all tied to international developments around the globe. Conflicts, trading regulations and political instabilities shape our global society and affect everyone. Thanks to my time at CCCU I can relate with my clients, track potential opportunities and understand my clients' preoccupations.

Some of the skills which help me the most today are the ability to:

  • Convey intentions and ideas clearly.
  • Provide convincing arguments to ideas, business plans and market entry-strategies.
  • Question the status quo and think "out of the box".
  • Solve problems through research.
  • Analyse data and identify trends and irregularities.

These skills were all required as part of my degree and are now being honed daily in my working practices.


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