Simon Bransden

Simon Bransden


I joined the Politics programme at CCCU after 30 years in the business world – very much a mature student. The academic and pastoral support and guidance offered by the department team allowed me to thrive in this new environment – and achieve a top degree. Moreover, from the outset the members of the Politics department encouraged me to explore the possibilities of an academic career – and to apply the skills I had learnt in my business career in this new domain. This ability of the team to identify and help develop skills of students from various backgrounds to further their careers post-graduation is an important feature, and reflects the University's high success in employability.

With the support and guidance from the department I have since been able to gain a place on the University's Graduate School Ph.D. programme. In addition to the formal part of my studies, I have been able to develop my lecturing skills, and the academic skills of writing for publication, conferences and seminars. The members of the department have been helpful in guidance for the next phase of my career – either pursuing post-doctoral research or starting a teaching career. The presence in the department of highly experienced academics from diverse backgrounds has been a constant element throughout my career development – and is an extremely valuable resource.


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