Liza Kummrow

Liza Kummrow


I graduated from CCCU in 2014 with a degree in English Language and Communication and International Relations and continued my studies and interest in politics through studying an MA at University College London in Human Rights. I am now back at CCCU as a part-time PhD student in the Politics and International Relations department, where I am also an Instructor.

Having completed a Combined Honours degree majoring in IR in my third year, I can say the Politics and IR team really went out of their way to ensure that I would achieve the best academic teaching experience possible. Another very positive memory of being an undergraduate student here was that all lecturers really knew who you were and very much cared about your concerns and tried to do their best to meet your needs.

What I also very much appreciated about the Politics and IR department was that employability was emphasised from the very beginning and therefore internships were highly recommended. During the course of my undergraduate degree I undertook two internships: one at the International Cooperation Section at the Senate Chancellery in Hamburg, where I was responsible for sustaining international relations with Hamburg’s partners and one as a research assistant to Dr. Soeren Keil, where my main responsibility was to work on small-research projects related to the Balkans. This particular internship sparked my initial interest in doing further research about the Western Balkans, hence the reason why I decided to further pursue my academic career by doing my PhD here at CCCU.

Studying my BA at CCCU has helped me enormously in shaping my career plans and I am delighted to be back here working as part of a vibrant and enthusiastic team (both staff and PhD researchers).


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