Foreign Policy and Energy Security

Dr Amelia Hadfield’s current research focuses on four separate, yet inescapably interconnected themes: (European) Foreign Policy analysis, EU energy security, identity building through EU mobility programmes and the concept of sovereignty. As a part of her long-standing research interest, Dr Hadfield recently explored the latest developments within the EU’s External Action Service and its Foreign Policy towards Asia, the Americas, Africa and Russia. The outcomes of this research will be presented in a co-authored article titled: 'Relations with the Rest of the World: From Chaos to Consolidation?' published in a forthcoming Journal of Common Market Studies Annual Review of the European Union. Dr Hadfield’s most current research concentrates on an in-depth inter-disciplinary review of sovereignty, which has emerged as both a philosophical concept and an axiom of the international state system. This research is to be published as a Palgrave Pivot initially titled: Sovereignty: Perennial Concept or Obsolete Category?

Further, Dr Hadfield is also conducting research, the first of its kind, which demonstrates the current trends in Member State energy policy across the whole of Europe. The chapter titled European Energy Security, which is informed by this research, closely examines the tug-of-war between Europeanization and nationalization of Member State energy policy in the 21st century.

Last but not least, Dr Hadfield have co-authored a forthcoming chapter on identity and higher-education mobility titled Emerging European geographies: the ERASMUS programme and its effect on the East-West divide in time of economic crisis, which concludes that the impact of Erasmus has moved from an experiment in heightening integrative allegiances to the EU itself to an inter-cultural method of reinforcing both EU and national identities.

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