Political protest about fracking

Activism Research Network

In the 21st century, politics is being reinvented. With people increasingly disengaged from formal politics, the space of activism and protest is expanding. From the local to international, people are ever more willing to engage in purposeful protest to realise their aims and values.

Our research explores relevant and pressing examples of protest, as they relate to key socio-political issues. Projects include:

  • The anti-fracking movement.
  • Anti-wind farm protest.
  • GMO Protests.
  • The Arab Spring.
  • Alter-globalisation.
  • Anti-austerity/anti-neo-liberalism.
  • The global Occupy Movement.
  • The Shahbag Movement in Bangladesh.
  • The Tea Party Movement in the US.
  • Left and right wing populism.
  • Political mobilisation in Ukraine.

Through researching and engaging with activists and issues, we are concerned with a number of key questions, including: ‘What makes for successful activism’? ‘How can activism both inform and transform the political agenda?’ ‘What is and ought to be the relationship between academics and activists?’

Our research seeks to inform progressive forms of political mobilisation, through the development of evidence informed toolkits, workshops and engagement with stakeholders.

The group is co-directed by Dr David Bates (Politics and International Relations), and Dr Matthew Ogilvie (Sociology).

Activism Research Transformation Workshop

In June 2015, we held our first workshop on 'Political Protest in Theory and Practice'. This event featured a keynote presentation from Prof. Chris Rootes, alongside sessions led by Dr David Bates, Dr Matthew Ogilvie and others. Find out more on the Politics and International Relations blog.  

Fracking Debate at the House of Commons

In September 2015, we hosted a public debate at the House of Commons on the controversial topic of fracking. The event, organised in collaboration with GlobalNet21 included speakers: Cat Smith MP, Julie Wassmer, Dr Damien Short and Dr Matthew Ogilvie.

Austerity and Social Justice

In January 2016, we hosted an event on Austerity and Social Justice at the House of Commons. Speakers included Dr David Bates, and Kate Osamor, Labour MP for Edmonton. Read more about this event on the Politics and International Relations blog.


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