Jean Monnet Award

We have been awarded several prestigious Jean Monnet funding grants which we will use to enhance teaching and learning on the European Union.

As a result of this funding, students can expect to benefit from new and improved modules in EU foreign affairs, alongside webinars, master classes and workshops on EU public and foreign policy. Taken together, these activities have been designed to dispel many of the myths that surround the EU, while also exploring the significance and challenges of EU membership.

International standards

The Jean Monnet award is internationally respected as a brand of excellence in EU studies teaching, and Jean Monnet activities remain a much sought-after aspect of EU funding, which brings together a network of more than 1,700 academics reaching 265,000 students every year.

With our Jean Monnet funding we are able to provide extra resources to facilitate a true hands-on learning experience for our EU modules, with site visits to EU institutions, access to the latest online learning technologies and external validation to ensure our teaching methods and materials are of the highest international standards.

The Jean Monnet Chair

As part of the Jean Monnet award, Senior Lecturer Dr Amelia Hadfield has been appointed the Jean Monnet Chair for Canterbury Christ Church University. In her role Dr Hadfield will oversee a wide range of teaching and learning activities, from engaging with policy-makers to local and national civil society, as well as Canterbury-based high school students. Dr Hadfield will also run a series of Jean Monnet blogs, which will feature the reflections of undergraduate and postgraduate students, members of staff, and invited guest speakers. 


Jean Monnet modules

In addition to the work of the Jean Monnet Chair, we will also be running two dedicated Jean Monnet modules. The first module, Europe: From Continent to Community, explores the integration process and the factors that led to the formation of the European Union. The module also investigates issues surrounding the union and arguments as to why we are better together, united in diversity, rather than apart and separated by difference.

The second Jean Monnet module is The Politics of Economics: European Political Economy during the Eurocrisis. This ‘hands-on’ module will bring students with a non-economic background up to speed on how the EU economy functions and will investigate the benefits of the EU for the British economy while also exploring the impact of EU policing making more generally. 

Networking online

Jean Monnet online community website

We are delighted to be able to contribute to the new Jean Monnet community website. Our Jean Monnet Chair Dr Amelia Hadfield has a full profile on the site, and is already engaged in networking activities with colleagues from across Europe, sharing experiences, and the many fantastic activities we've been involved with. 

Update 2/2/16: Amelia Hadfield has recently been cited on the Jean Monnet Community homepage, for her contribution to the Jean Monnet annual conference in 2015. Read this post.

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You can find out more about our Jean Monnet award and how students benefit by following the links on the right hand side of the page. You can also read more about Jean Monnet award, and the Erasmus+ Programme on the European Commission’s EACEA website


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