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This is a vital time in British politics. Scholars, students and citizens alike combat a barrage of information and misinformation about the EU. With the upcoming referendum over Britain’s EU membership, the stakes are especially high.

Lifelong Learning

In response to these challenges, our new Centre for European Studies (CEFEUS) launches a host of activities to foster progressive insights on EU integration, locally, nationally, and internationally. These activities include:


  • Quo Vadis EU? – 160-hour, graduate EU foreign affairs module and 140 hours' graduate thesis supervision.
  • CEFEUS Graduate Scholarships – two annual scholarships awarded for three consecutive years designed to half the tuition costs of the MSc in European Politics.


  • Annual CEFEUS EU workshop – an intensive two-day workshop for local public and private sector participants covering EU public and foreign policy.
  • Sport, disability, and education travel stipends – offsetting travel costs for CCCU staff to attend conferences. 
  • Politics and International Relations Jean Monnet stipend – offsetting travel costs to other Centre of Excellence.
  • CEFEUS studentship – paid postgraduate-level studentship to assist in CEFEUS administration.


  • Annual CEFEUS European speaker series – two EU-based speakers presenting to academic and public audiences at CCCU on salient issues facing the EU. 
  • Annual Jean Monnet 6th form simulation game – one-day team-taught workshop for 200+ local high school students covering the basics of EU integration, ending with EU summit simulation. 
  • CEFEUS webpages – hosting Quo Vadis webinars, speaker series podcasts and post-stipend blogs. 

Vice-Chancellor: Prof. Rama Thirunamachandran

Professor Rama Thirunamachandran

'This award demonstrates our staff and students’ commitment to engage on the international stage and advance knowledge and public understanding on our role within the EU.'

Prof. Rama Thirunamachandran Vice-Chancellor, CCCU

Director of CEFEUS: Prof. Amelia Hadfield

'I’m delighted that Canterbury Christ Church University has been awarded funding to establish a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. Our Centre for European Studies (CEFEUS) builds directly upon the quality work we’ve begun with both the 2014 Jean Monnet modules, and our Chair activities. CEFEUS will now allow us to deepen the quality of our research-led teaching , including the provision of a new MSc in European Politics, establish training opportunities on EU, and kick-start a range of exciting and interactive outreach activities designed to connect with, and catalyse a host of folks in and beyond the Kent area.'

Prof. Amelia Hadfield Director, CEFEUS

University Teaching Fellowship Team Award 2016 given to the Centre for European Studies for their strong commitment to student learning and experience through innovative teaching methods.


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