CEFEUS Director Professor Amelia Hadfield Appears on KMTV Show

CEFEUS Director Professor Amelia Hadfield featured on the panel of a KMTV show ‘Paul on Politics’, 20th October 2017.

According to the latest report by the National Audits Office, the Port of Dover is at the risk of disruptions and delays if the Government does not prepare for Britain’s departure from the EU. Furthermore, the report expresses the concern that the changes needed may not be in place by 2019.

“For example, there are a limited number of inspection bays available to search incoming traffic at the Dover port, and there are physical constraints on creating new inspection bays”

says the report. Councillor Johnson recognises these concerns to be very real and highlights that the Leave Campaign did not express clearly how difficult it would actually be to leave the EU. Professor Hadfield agrees with Cllr Johnson and highlights that departure from the EU poses the Port to a

“skilled problem, time problem, and land based problem”

and that there are

“no clear simple instructions [from the Government] to help the Port of Dover move forward on this."

You can watch the show on the KMTV website.  


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