CCCU Invicta summer building works

Investing in your Future: Invicta Upgrade

This summer we've invested over £300,000 in redeveloping the Invicta building, providing a suite of new computers as well as a dedicated Hydra crisis simulation room.

The Invicta building is home to our section of Computing, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, and houses four complete computing suites, including a dedicated digital forensics lab. 

As part of our major summer investment programme, we're redeveloping the building to upgrade our labs, and install a crisis simulation room which will be used by our policing and criminal justice students to simulate major critical incidents, and test students' leadership and decision-making expertise.

This room will also double as a 'maker space' for Computing students to collaborate on research projects, taking advantage of our extensive set of development tools in robotics and the Internet of Things.

New computers and server room

In addition to upgrading the labs themselves, we will be installing over 135 new computers across our labs, with 25 dedicated digital forensics machines, alongside 8 Hydra units and over 100 high performance machines available for general use.

We will also be setting up a new server room, which will be separate to the University's central servers, and will be available exclusively for academic and research purposes.

These works should be completed ready for the start of the new academic year 2016.


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