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Dr Chrispas Nyombi

Reader in International Commercial Law

School: School of Law, Criminal Justice and Policing

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 923058

Profile summary

Chrispas Nyombi is a Reader in International Commercial Law. He is part of a Task-Force constituted by the General Assembly of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) tasked with creating an International Arbitration and Mediation Centre in Djibouti. He has been invited to undertake editorial work for journals including the European Competition Law Review, the International Business Law Journal and the International Company and Commercial Law Review (Sweet & Maxwell). He has authored (and co-authored) several books including “Principles of Company Law in Uganda” by LawAfrica Publishing, 2014; "UK Takeover Law & The Board Neutrality Rule” by Simmonds & Hill Publishing, 2017; "Rebalancing International Investment Agreements in Favour of Host States” by Wildy, Simmonds & Hill Publishing, 2018; and “The International Investment Policy of the Intergovernmental Authority of Development Member States: The Republic of Uganda” by Wildy, Simmonds & Hill Publishing, 2019. Nyombi’s research has focused on the impact of International Investment Agreements on developing countries, with particular emphasis on the dispute settlement mechanisms and the investment regulatory framework. Nyombi’s recommendations have been adopted in national legislation such as the Draft Uganda Human Donation & Tissue transplant Bill 2018, Uganda Companies Act 2012 and Uganda Investment Code Bill 2018. His research has also informed regional investment policy such as the proposed Mediation and Arbitration centre in Djibouti. Much of this activity is undertaken in his role as Director of Research in Law within the School of Law, Criminal Justice and Policing.

Research and knowledge exchange

Visiting Professor at Makerere University

Uganda Law reform Commission- Senior Advisor

Uganda Investment Authority- Senior Advisor

TRIAX Solicitors, Nigeria- Senior Consultant

IGAD Working Group- Academic Advisor

Teaching and subject expertise

Nyombi is currently responsible for developing Masters provision in the School of Law.  He is also a Module leader for the following modules:

•MSc Masters by Research in Law

•MSc Current Legal Issues in International Business

•LLB Dissertation

Nyombi has an abiding interest in various aspects of International Commercial Law and has taught a number of modules in this area, including:

• LLM International Commercial Arbitration

•LLM Investment Treaty Arbitration

•LLM International Commercial Litigation

Nyombi is the Programme Director for the PhD in Law. He is currently supervising 11 PhD students and welcomes research proposals in areas such as International Investment Law, International Commercial Litigation and International Commercial Arbitration.

External activities

Selected Presentations (Post-2014)

1. Chrispas Nyombi, “An Investment Court for Africa” (2019) SOAS Arbitration in Africa, Arusha, Tanzania. INVITED SPEAKER

2. Chrispas Nyombi, “Multilateral Investment Court or Appellate Body Mechanism: Which Way Forward?” AILA, Nairobi, Kenya (2018). INVITED SPEAKER

3. Chrispas Nyombi, “International Investment Lawyers: A new breed of ambulance chasers? (2018) International Law in Context Conference, Canterbury Christ Church University.

4. Chrispas Nyombi, “The Role of Academics in the Development of Arbitration in Africa” (2018) SOAS Arbitration in Africa, Kigali, Rwanda. INVITED SPEAKER

5. Chrispas Nyombi, “Investment Law reforms at regional and continental level” AILA, Lagos, Nigeria (October, 2017). INVITED SPEAKER

6. Chrispas Nyombi, “Current State of Play in International Investment Law” (June 2017) Canterbury Christ Church University Summer Law Conference. KEYNOTE SPEECH

7. Chrispas Nyombi, “A case for a regional investment court for Africa” (2017) Arbitration in Africa Conference (SOAS), Cairo, Egypt. INVITED SPEAKER

8. Chrispas Nyombi, “An investment Court in TTIP: Panacea or Anathema” (2016) Centre for Research in Law, University of Bedfordshire.

9. Chrispas Nyombi, “Drafting International Investment Agreements: Lessons for South Africa (2015) University of Pretoria, South Africa. INVITED SPEAKER

10. Chrispas Nyombi, “The Companies Act 2012: The good, the bad and the ugly” (2014) Uganda Law Reform Commission. INVITED SPEAKER

Publications and research outputs

Selected Publications (post-2014)

  1. Chrispas Nyombi & Tom Mortimer, “The International Investment Policy of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development Member States: The Republic of Uganda” (Wildy, Simmonds & Hill Publishing, 2019).
  2. Chrispas Nyombi & Tom Mortimer, “Rebalancing International Investment Agreements in favour of host states:  Towards a World Investment Court” (2019) Journal of Business Law, Issue3, pp.200-222.
  3. Chrispas Nyombi & Tom Mortimer, “The turf war between the European Commission and Intra-EU BITs: Is an end in sight?” (2018) International Arbitration Law Review, Vol 21(3), pp.66-79. 
  4. Chrispas Nyombi "A case for a Regional Investment Court for Africa" (2018) North Carolina Journal of International Law, Vol 43(1) pp.67-96. 
  5. Tom Mortimer & Chrispas Nyombi, “Rebalancing International Investment Agreements in Favour of Host States” (Wildy, Simmonds & Hill Publishing, 2018) ISBN:9780854902613.
  6. Chrispas Nyombi & Tom Mortimer, “Rights and Obligations in the post investment treaty denunciation period” (2018) International Arbitration Law Review Vol 21(2) pp.46-53.
  7. Chrispas Nyombi, “Towards a New World Economic Order: Proposal for a Pan-African Investment Court?” in Emilia Onyema “Rethinking the Role of African National Courts in Arbitration” (Kluwer Law International, 2018) ISBN:9789041190420
  8. Chrispas Nyombi & Konstantinos Saliafis, "Rationalising the Defences to Enforcement under the New York Convention" (2017) Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law, Vol 17(1)pp.110-129.
  9. Chrispas Nyombi “UK Takeover Law & The Board Neutrality Rule” (Wildy, Simmonds & Hill Publishing, 2017) SBN:9780854902293.
  10. Chrispas Nyombi & Tom Mortimer, “Tackling the legitimacy crisis in international investment law through progressive treaty-making practices” (2017) International Arbitration Law Review, Vol, 20(5), pp.162-174.
  11. Chrispas Nyombi “EU Reform of International Investment Law in the Shadow of Brexit” (2016) International Company and Commercial Law Review Vol 27(12),pp.395-403.
  12. Chrispas Nyombi & Alexander Kibandama, “Principles of Company Law in Uganda” (LawAfrica Publishers, 2014) ISBN:9966530134.
  13. Chrispas Nyombi, Alexander Kibandama & David Justin Bakibinga, “The Motivations Behind the Uganda Insolvency Act 2011” (2014) Journal of Business Law, 8, pp.651-666.

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