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Dr Elaine Brown

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 923259

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Dr Elaine Brown M.A. (Hons) St A, Ph.D, FHEA, PGCLT (HE)

I have been studying and researching in the area of Psychology Peace and Conflict dynamics at an individual, social and organisational level for more than fifteen years. I have applied models of theory to understanding contemporary social issues broadly and teach in a number of areas: Terrorism & Political Violence (historical and contemporary), Terrorism Law (UK focus), Counter Terrorism (historically to modern day), Policing Terrorism (evolution of police role post 2001), Natural Decision Making Psychology, Risk Assessment Psychology, Understanding and Managing Risk, Helping Behaviour, Social Protest and Disorder, Public Order Policing (research conducted in UK and Internationally), Crowd Psychology, Football Disorder Dynamics, Inter-Group Dynamics (Social Identity/Self Categorisation), Professional Policing (Ethics, Reform, Organisational Psychology). All research and teaching underpinned by a philosophy of Science and Research.

I completed my M.A. (Hons) at St Andrews University in Scotland (2006). I completed my PhD under the supervision of Professor J. Cole (University of Liverpool) and Professor Otto Adang (Politieacademie, the Netherlands). The title of my Ph.D body is 'Inter-Group Dynamics in the Context of Policing Foreign Nationals'. This body of work begins to better understand police decision making, risk analysis, threat perception and the relationship this has to strategy and tactics in the context of policing foreign nationals at international football events. This project was funded by the Home Office.

Hydra Project

I am the Project Manager for the University-Wide Hydra Project (introducing Hydra for teaching and higher educational purposes). For the past three years, I have worked with the Hydra Foundation to oversee the growth of a simulated technology model into the university for cross-disciplinary uses. See:

Research and knowledge exchange

EU Council Peer Review Evaluation project, Assistant co-ordinator, (2006-2008) At the invitation of host police forces throughout Europe (Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Romania, Spain and the Netherlands). Collaboration between practitioners and researchers to perform strategic and tactical analysis of the policing and the multi-agency co-operation, in the context of managing international football events at develop a portfolio of good practices and points of attention. Duties included co-ordination of the review teams, collecting and analysing data, the facilitation of focus group discussions and the production of the reports and recommendations.

This research project supports the preservation and dissemination of police learning in Europe. Categorised as learning in the absence of disorder the project brought together senior officers from throughout Europe to engage in real time valuation of a host forces practices. Methodologically, the peer reviews are utility driven and informed by empirical research considerations. Good practices and points for attention where captured and disseminated within the forces and more broadly (Adang & Brown, 2008).

European Football championship Tournament 2008 (July 2008), Austria and Switzerland, field research conducted for collaborative and independent projects. For example, participation on the ‘Learning by doing’ research course, organised by Collège Européen de Police (CEPOL). Structured observation and interview data gathered in relation to the police and the crowd distribution patterns and interactions. Qualitative and quantitative measurements of police and crowd interactions. One of the issues being considered with the co-operation of the Austrian and Swiss police more broadly during the investigation was the issue of translating strategic principles into tactical action on the ground.

Teaching and subject expertise


I have been co-ordinating third year undergraduate modules on Terrorism and Political Violence / Counter Terrorism and Professional Policing for three years. I supervise dissertation students.

I give guest lectures on 'Introducing Prevent: With Integrity and a Duty of Care in Education'. Separately, I also teach on Genocide, Torture, the War on Terror and Crimes Against Humanity.

I have been coordinating the Policing Counter Terrorism module for the Metropolitan Police In-service B.Sc for three years. I give lectures broadly on contemporary terrorism and political violence, Prevent in Society, Radicalisation Processes, Critical Incident Management, Community Policing in Counter Terrorism, and Monitoring and Surveillance.

I am leading on development of a B.Sc in Policing Critical Incidents, in which the psychology of decision making and natural decision making in application to practice are significant. I am also preparing to manage with Dr Paul Swallow a specialised BSc in Policing Terrorism and Political Violence; both BSc's are one of the first of their kind at an undergraduate level (globally).

Consultancy work 

Politieacademie, the Netherlands (2009-2010) investigating 500 instances of disorder in Britain for the benefit of understanding; 1) situations in which officers are most frequently injured, and 2) projective assessments of future threats to social order. Projet secured further research funding.

Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland, Match Commanders Course, Scottish Police College, 2007; Research Assistant; duties included co-ordination of senior commanders over a three day project, involving practical research and theoretical aspects.

Series of football policing evaluation at real time events at Wembley/Emirates stadium, London, England (2007). Observing police management of and police–crowd interactions, at football events. Production of a feedback reports for the host commanding officers.

Facilitation of Multi-Agency Negotiation, Research Assistant 2006, Cardiff, Wales.Mediated focus groups between multi-agency partnerships in discussions surrounding the development of the Cardiff City Stadium.

External activities

Teaching and Education Annual Conference CCCU (2016), 'Simulated Learning in Higher Education', panel speaker

Security and Counter Terror Expo Conference (2013), London

The Fifth Higher Education Forum for Learning and Development in Policing, Conference (2013) 

The Forth Higher Education Forum for Learning and Development in Policing, Conference (2012)

The Philosophy of Science and Psychology , Lecturing Masters and Undergraduate classes, University of Liverpool (2009-2010)

Brown, E. ‘Organisational, cognitive and social impacts on police decision making in the context of international football’,  CEPOL research symposium, Solna, Sweden (2009)

Brown, E. 'The relationship between risk categorisation and police tactics at Euro 2008', Politie Academie of the Netherlands, Apeldoorn (2009)

Brown, E. ‘Peer review evaluations, policing football in Europe’. Football Policing, London, UK (2007)

Brown, E. ‘Police perspectives of those considered to pose risk in the context of international football’, British Social Psychological Society Conference, Kent, UK (2007)

Publications and research outputs

Adang, O., Beirman, S. E., Dietermann, J., Putz C., Schreiber, M. (research, Brown, E.) (2011) Managing Collective Violence around Public Order Events: an International Comparison, Appeldorn: Politieacademie.

Adang, O., & Brown, E. (2008) Policing Football in Europe; Experiences from Peer Review Evaluations, Appeldorn: Politieacademie.


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