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Mr Ben Waters

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922253

Profile summary

I am a qualified Solicitor, accredited Mediator and Senior Lecturer in Law. I am the founder of the University’s Mediation Clinic, the first to be based in a UK University. I am currently Director of the CLOCK in Kent Community Legal Companion Project.

Having joined academia from private legal practice, I have brought with me extensive experience of civil litigation including effective practical dispute resolution negotiation skills. Since becoming a mediator I have conducted over 40 mediations.

My practical expertise is underpinned with a sound understanding of negotiation and mediation theory. I have published in peer reviewed journals, presented papers on mediation and legal education/pedagogy at conference and have a research interest in civll justice and experiential learning.

I have a Master's Degree in Education Studies and an interest in legal education led to my appointment as the Learning Resources Reviews Editor of The Law Teacher; The International Journal of Legal Education, a peer reviewed journal published quarterly by Routledge with a global readership circulation to over 2,300 institutions:

I qualified as a Solicitor in 1994 and together with a Masters Degree, I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Law (UWE Bristol), BA (Hons) Degree in History & Education (Surrey) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and twice nominated National Teaching Fellow.

Through my interest in experiential legal education, I am responsible for extra-curricular student competitions and provide regular negotiation/mediation workshops, preparing students for national competitions. I subscribe to a socio-legal teaching methodology and currently lead an 'Access to Justice' community outreach research project, enabling Law students to learn experientially at Canterbury Law Courts.

In 2016 I was recipient of the University Teaching Excellence Award for Innovation, for an outstanding contribution to learning, teaching and assessment.

Research and knowledge exchange

Selected activites:

During the Spring Semester 2013, I was a visiting scholar on the University of Pennsylvania Law School's International Research Scholar Program;

As part of my postgraduate studies, I have engaged in research into students' perceptions of the efficacy of role-play simulation as a means of studying mediation.

Successful funding bids have included;

2016 - HEIF Research internship (£2,500) - A Study into the Destination of Law Leavers.

2014-15 - RED Research Internships (£5,000) - An Analysis of Local & Regional Solicitors’ Attitudes to and Use of Mediation.

2014 - HEIF4 Funding (£2,000) for the exploration of partnerships with local companies for workplace mediation at Sandwich Discovery Park.

2010-11 - HEIF4 Funding (£20,000) - for development of the Mediation Clinic Project 2010.

2009 - Nuffield Foundation: Social Science Small Grant Award (£7450), assisted S Tong with a successful application to fund an evaluation into adult prison victim/offender RJ mediation.

2007-09 - RIT Funding: "Research In Teaching" funding (£18,000) for establishing the Mediation Clinic Project.

Teaching and subject expertise

I have extensive practical legal knowledge and being a non-practising Solicitor, I am a member of the Law Society of England and Wales. I am supportive of socio-critical legal education and through an interest in experiential teaching and learning approaches I have developed the innovative dispute resolution curriculum as a defined pathway within the LLB Law Degree, for which I was awarded the presigious UTEA (Innovation) 2016.

Some of my committee, networking and organisational affiliations, are as follows:

  • Editorial Board Member and Learning Resources & Reviews Editor: The Law Teacher (peer reviewed Law journal published quartley by Routledge);
  • Board Member: Academic Committee Civil Mediation Council;
  • Trustee and Chair: Canterbury & District Mediation Service;
  • Board Member: Kent Dispute Resolution Network (co-founding member);
  • National Mediation Providers Association (institutional membership rep);
  • Board Member and Chair: UK Student Mediation Competition.

Academic Responsibility for the following undergraduate modules;

  • Introduction to Dispute Resolution (BA/BSc Scheme) 2013 –
  • Theory of Dispute Resolution (BA/BSc Scheme) 2007 –
  • Civil & Commercial Mediation (BA/BSc Scheme) 2011 –
  • Law of Tort (BA/BSc Scheme) 2010-2012
  • Community Conflict Resolution (BA/BSc Scheme) 2010
  • English Legal System (BA/BSc Scheme) 2008-2012
  • Practice of Dispute Resolution (BA/BSc Scheme) 2008-2010
  • The Individual in Relation to Crime & Justice (BA/BSc Scheme) 2008-10
  • Introduction to Law (BA/BSc Scheme) 2006-08
  • Introduction to Law (Policing) 2005-08
  • FI & Criminal Justice System (BA/BSc Scheme) 2006-08
  • Introduction to Law (BA/BSc Scheme) 2006-08
  • Introduction to Law (Policing) 2005-08

External Examining Responsibilities:

  • University of Gloucestershire - LLB Law;
  • University of Strathclyde - LLM/MSc Mediation & Conflict Resolution.

External activities


Waters, B D, Paper; Alternative Dispute Resolution and Civil Justice: A Relationship Resolved?, presented at The Society of Legal Scholars Conference, at Queen Mary University of London, (September 2018).

Waters, B D, Paper; How Can We SQEeze it All In? Some Challenges Facing Law Schools in England and Wales, presented at The Legal Education and Training Review: Where are we 5 Years On? Conference, at Leeds Beckett University, (June 2018).

Waters, B D, et al. Paper;  "CLOCK as a Transformative Methodology; Exploring How the CLOCK Initiative has Transformed Theory and Practice in Legal Education", presented at the Association of Law Teachers Conference, Keele University, (March, 2018).

Waters, B D, Paper; The Value of Community Participation from the Perspective of Law School Undergraduates involved as Community Legal Companions, presented at the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education/Clinical Legal Education Organisation Conference, Northumbria University, (July 2017).

Waters, B D, Paper; The Role of Mediation in Domestic and International Dispute Settlement, presented at the Contemporary International Law Issues in Context, Law Summer Conference, CCCU, (June 2017).

Waters, B D, with Ashton J, Paper; Situated Learning through the CLOCK Community Legal Companion Scheme Project, presented at the Association of Law Teachers Conference, University of Portsmouth, (April 2017).

Waters, B D, Presentation; CLOCK in Kent - The Community Legal Companion Scheme at Canterbury Combined Court, Kent Family Justice Board Conference, Maidstone, (November 2016).

Waters, B D, Paper; The Importance of Teaching Dispute Resolution In a 21st Century Law School, presented at the 50th Annual Conference of the Association of Law Teachers, Cardiff, (March, 2015).

Waters, B D, Presentation; Kent 20/20 Vision Event, Business Exhibition and Conference, Mediation & Your Business, (April, 2012).

Waters, B D, Paper; The Mediation Clinic Project, presented at the Adventures in Learning and Teaching, Inter-Faculty Conference, CCCU, (April, 2009).

Waters, B D, Paper; ‘How a Mediation Clinic Can Inform the Curriculum’, presented at the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education/Clinical Legal Education Organisation Conference, Cork University, (July, 2008).

Waters, B D, Paper; The Mediation Clinic Project An RIT Funded Initiative; Paper presented at Canterbury Christ Church University Inter-Faculty Conference (April, 2008).

Waters, B D, Presentation; Why a Mediation Clinic? Mediation Clinic Launch, Canterbury Christ Church University, (November, 2007).

Waters, B. D, Paper with Cohen, C, and Phipps, J: ‘Diversity, Policing and Alternative Dispute Resolution’, presented at the Education and Extremism Conference at Roehampton University, (July, 2007).

Publications and research outputs

Selected work:

Waters B. D., The Solicitors Qualifying Examination: Something for All? Some Challenges Facing Law Schools in England & Wales, The Law Teacher, 52.4 (2018): 519-527;

Waters B. D., Co-Author/Lead Editor, 4th Edition, ADR Principles & Practice by Brown & Marriott, (Sweet & Maxwell, 2018);

Waters B.D., and Ashton J, A Study into Situated Learning through Community Legal Companionship, International Journal of Clinical Legal Education, 25:2 (2018), 1-47; 

Waters B. D. et al, Mediating Serious Crime with Institutional Affiliation(unpublished): http://create.can

Waters B. D., The Importance of Teaching Dispute Resolution in a 21st Century Law School, The Law Teacher, 51.2 (2017): 227-248;

Waters B. D. (2017), Mediation Law: Journey through Institutionalism to Juridification, by Penny Brooker, (Routledge, 2013) Review for Mediation Theory & Practice, Volume 1, No. 2, 2017;

Waters B.D. with Gordon-Bouvier E and Siliafis K; A Study into the Destination of Law Leavers (2016):

Waters B. D., A Part to Play; The Value of Role-Play in the Undergraduate Law Curriculum, The Law Teacher 50.2 (2016), 172-194;

Waters B. D., ‘Mediation’, in Learning Legal Skills and Reasoning, Hanson S., (Routledge, 2015);

Waters B. D., Widening Participation in Higher Education: The Legacy for Legal Education, The Law Teacher, 47:2 (2013), 261-269;

Waters B. D., ‘Mediation and Experiential Learning’, International Journal of Clinical Legal Education, Autumn 2011, 90-95.

Waters B. D., ‘The Legal Issues Relating to Infection Control’, in ‘Infection Control: A psychosocial approach to changing practice’, by Elliott, P. (Radcliffe, 2009);

Waters B. D. and Raznovich L.; ‘How a Mediation Clinic Can Inform the Curriculum’, (Oct 2009);

Waters B. D. and  Raznovich, L.; ‘A Research in Teaching Mediation Clinic’, Research Informed Teaching: Learning in Research Mode, Graham-Matheson, L. (ed.)  CCCU (2008);

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