Research and Knowledge Exchange

Research and Knowledge Exchange

We work with a number of bodies, conducting research and knowledge exchange, using this experience to enhance the quality of our teaching.


We are involved in a range of research projects from small-scale local initiatives to government and EU-funded research.

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Central to our work is the application of academic knowledge to the work of practitioners in the field of criminal justice.

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Centre for Cyberforensics

We work with a range of national and international bodies, conducting research and development work in the field of cybercrime and digital forensics.

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We worked with Kent Fire and Rescue Service to help them understand how they respond to, and investigate, causes of electrical fire.

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The Application of Forensic Science to Heritage and Cultural Crime

We have been working with Historic England for several years on the application of forensic science to heritage and cultural crime.

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Canterbury Centre for Policing Research

The Canterbury Centre for Policing Research (CCPR) conducts high quality applied research that aims to involve and advise policing professionals.

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