GDPR Compliance: How does it affect you?

GDPR Compliance: How does it affect you?

The General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679 will come into force as law in the UK in May of 2018. GDPR will significantly alter the way businesses handle and store data.

Your organization will be required by law to implement new security controls, policies, and procedures in order to demonstrate GDPR compliance.  GDPR requires organizations to maintain a plan of action to detect a data breach, regularly evaluate the effectiveness of security practices, and document evidence of compliance. Instead of specific technical direction, the regulation puts the onus on organizations to maintain best practices for data security.

The master talk would serve an introduction to GDPR and the software tools designed by vendors such as Alien Vault Unified Security Management (USM) which can assist with security monitoring and compliance management platform to simplify and accelerate GDPR compliance.

Alien Vault is a leading U.S. Silicon Valley Cyber security high-tech firm. Their SIEM – System Information and Event Management software tools allow network administrators to monitor thousands of network assets at once for malicious code, hacking and all kinds of virus and Trojan attacks with USM or Unified Security Management tools.

Floren Cabrera F. de Teresa, Founder of BitBond.UK is an Entrepreneur, trained as political science analyst and as a debt arbitrage trader, having worked for over 15 years in Wall Street. His corporate training was followed by many years as an inventor and IoT system architect, with an emphasis in embedded systems’ architecture and related mainframe systems. Floren filed for a U.S. patent filings for Optical through the air communications using electrical lighting systems and other applications involving AC smart buildings. In that IoT experience, he and his team prototyped very large populations of IoT devices, which led to confidential insights into cyber-security for IoT.

The master talk (11-12 am, room LG25) delivered by Alien Vault and BitBond.UK and will be followed by a workshop (14-15 Room Rg02) on “Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in the afternoon. 

For the afternoon workshop session we are restricted to 25 places please email Reza Mousoli to secure your place. 


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