Computing Masterclass: Dr Simon Moores, Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology: Dr Simon Moores

As part of our Masterclass lecture series, we invited Dr Simon Moores to present on the subject of ‘disruptive technology’ and its impact on our lives.

About Dr Simon Moores

Dr Simon Moores
Dr Simon Moores

Dr Simon Moores is the Managing Director of Zentelligence (Research) Ltd. A Former 'Technology Ambassador' for the British Government and Chairman of The Research Group, Dr Moores has presented at, and chaired, many national and international forums and conferences. These include Visa’s annual (PCI/DSS) Europe in Amsterdam, Gartner's identity management conference, NATO's 'Intel Fusion' security conference, Nominet's Internet Policy Forum, IEG13 in Barcelona and the CIO Connect conference in London.

Disruptive Technology

Computing Masterclass: Dr Simon Moores, Disruptive Technology discussion

According to Dr Moores, we are now entering the age of big data and machine learning. By 2025, the majority of the world’s population, will, in a single generation, have gone from having virtually no access to unfiltered information, to accessing all of the world’s information through a device one can carry in the palm of one’s hand – or even wear.

In Dr Moores’ opinion, we are shifting from a world of technological innovation, to technological commodity – an era of context and pervasive computing.

But there is a storm coming… Technology is changing at an incredible rate, and it is anticipated that we haven’t seen 1% of the change we’re going to see in the next 10 years. Already business models have changed; as have data models and even platform models with the emergence of mobile, cloud and big data platforms. This has led to three key emerging trends:

  • Democratisation of technology.
  • Dematerialisation.
  • Disintermediation.

In 2015 then, Dr Moores predicts that we will see a further merging of the real and virtual worlds, alongside growth in business intelligence and the emergence of what he describes as ‘the new IT reality’. Indeed, it is Dr Moores’ view that online identity will become such a powerful currency that we will even see the rise of a new black market where people can buy real or invented identities.

Is this the end of the world as we know it? For Dr Moores, this is only the end of the beginning.


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