Cybersecurity 2000 to 2025

In our upcoming Masterclass lecture, international cybersecurity expert Raef Meeuwisse will explore the wealth of measures available to deter potential attackers, and how easily they can be defeated.

Cybersecurity 2000 to 2025

Few of us would argue that the ubiquitous use of technology is not rapidly changing our lives. We face a future of increased use of mobile devices, diminishing ‘manned’ call centres and even the prospect that our children may never own a car. The talk will explore the wealth of current security measures available to deter potential attackers and how easily they can be defeated. Despite these measures, breaches continue to occur and recent high profile examples of these will be explored. The cybersecurity jobs is market is expected to evolve and increase, as organizations gradually get better at security and the rise of ‘internet of things’ makes the domestic market more attractive to attack.

About the speaker

Raef Meeuwisse Raef Meeuwisse is the author of the books Cybersecurity for Beginners and The Cybersecurity to English Dictionary, an active member of the ISACA London Chapter, Global Programme Director for Information Protection & Privacy at one of the UKs largest companies and a regular speaker at ISACA international conferences in Europe and the US.

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11 March 2016


2:00pm – 3:00pm




Ian Kennedy


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