LAN Party Fundraiser

On 9th-11th June 2017, The Video Gaming and Tabletop Society commenced its annual LAN Party at Invicta.

By Oliver Bryant Year 2 Computing Student

Students from different faculties came together to play video games and raise money for Charity via a live stream which ran from Friday until Sunday. This included Bonus Tiers which included students performing DABs and one student having his head volunteering shaved. Overall the society raised £250+. The LAN party included a wide range of devices from Consoles, Handhelds and Computers. a fully managed network built by Alumni from the Computing Faculty.

"Student managed event such as The Video Gaming and Tabletop Society are a perfect example of how Alumni can contribute to the lifeblood of the University."

Reza Mousoli, Director of the Stakeholder Engagement



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