Summer Internships in Computing

Internships in Computing

We take on a number of interns each year to collaborate with us on our research. This year our interns worked with Dr Abhaya Induruwa on projects associated with the Internet of Things.

In the first of our internship projects, students worked on building a smart instrument for measuring environmental parameters and disseminating data via the internet. This was done with the aim of being able to supply a device to the School of Human and Life Sciences to be used by students during field trips and to monitor conditions in their greenhouse, with a view to test their applicability in the wider industry. This was a project that started last year with HEIF funding.

In the second project, one of our students undertook research into the security of data transferred from an internet connected device. A prototype of a connected device that could provide weather updates to a server that could then be sent on to a website, mobile phone (via SMS) and social media was developed.

Previous projects

Last year, three of our interns worked on a project looking at 'Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)' culture in Kent SMEs. Another intern worked with Dr David Bennett on developing an app for health applications. 


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