Visit Bletchley Park, the home of Codebreakers

Students and staff from Computing, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity recently enjoyed a day trip to Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing.

Bletchley Park is best known as the code-breaking centre that famously penetrated the German Enigma and Lorenz ciphers during the Second World War. This work saved many lives, and it is thought to have helped end the war two years earlier than expected.

Alan Turing, Tommy Flowers and Bill Tutte some of the most celebrated computer scientists of the 20th century and fathers of the new age of computer programming, were a key figures in breaking the Enigma codes.

“This year’s visit was the most informative presentation by tour guides; students loved it.”

Dr Muna Al-Jepoori 

Interested in organising and visiting these for yourself, then check out the following links:  Bletchley ParkNational Museum of Computing.


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