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Dr David Bennett

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922972

Profile summary

David works in the Department of Computing in the North Holmes Road Campus in Canterbury.

Dr Bennett previously worked at Planit International in Ashford as Product Manager for several software solutions. Prior to his DPhil he worked Philips Sound and Vision at Redhill as a Design Engineer in the Advanced Projects Group, working of Rapid Prototyping Software for Consumer Electronic product user interfaces. He has also performed various consultancy roles for SMEs developing small-scale software solutions.

Research and knowledge exchange

Dr Bennett has worked on the project to trial a commercial-style usability lab at CCCU. He has been consuluted on various usability evaluations of software for CCCU and external clients.

He has previously worked on Forensic Tool Usability with Dr Paul Stephens and hopes to continue this work soon.

He also has an interest in the teaching of Computer programming and is in the process of completing the analysis of work relating predicting student performance in programming.

Teaching and subject expertise

Dave's main interests in Computing are usability, teaching and tearning programming and in cryptology.

He teaches introductory programming to Year 1 undergraduate students and object-oriented programming to Year 2. The language he teaches currently is Visual Basic 2010, but he has expertise in C and knowledge of C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript and C# among others.

Dr Bennett teaches Interaction Design and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) to Year 2 and Year 3 students, with the second year more focussed on Usability Engineering and the third more focussed on research ideas in the field of HCI.

In the third year and in one year taught Masters qualifications he teaches cryptology to students. The taught Masters includes teaching serving law enforcement officers this subject area.

He also teaches the taught Masters a Research Skills module prior to their undertaking of their disseration study.

Dr Bennett is a member of the The User Experience Professionals Association (formerly the Usability Professionals Association).

Publications and research outputs

Dave has recently written on Computer Security for a forthcoming book edited by Robin Bryant.

He has collaborated with Paul Stephens on the area of Forensic Tool Usability, and hopes to continue this work in the near future.


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