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Dr Martin O'Neill

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing

Campus: Canterbury


Profile summary

Dr Martin O'Neill is a Senior Lecturer at CCCUC. He completed 30 years’ service with Kent Police in April 2014.  He spent much of this time as a detective and a detective trainer. As a detective he worked in volume, serious and major crime investigations. As a detective trainer he specialised in evidence, homicide investigations, fraud, and criminal law, training all national detective training courses, the Specially Trained Officer course (for those officers supporting victims of rape and serious sexual assault), domestic abuse, and managing sex offenders in the community.  He specialised in homicide investigations, including corporate manslaughter. In 2008 he was invited to train Senior Investigating officers in The PSNI in relation to corporate manslaughter. For the past decade, Dr O’Neill has acted as an advisor in volume, serious and major crime cases and has been consistently utilised to undertake reviews of ongoing cases. Most recently he has been engaged in cold case investigations.

Dr ONeill currently has responsibility for the criminal investigation and evidence modules at level 5 within the policing suite, together with the Individual Studies module at level 6. He is also module leader for Criminal Investigation module within the in service undergraduate programme and within  the MA programme. He is also Programme Director for the Criminal Investigation Diploma undertaken by serving Kent Police officers.


He currently has responsibilities for criminal investigation modules at Canterbury and Broadstairs, MA criminal investigation, Individual study Module Broadstairs,  and Criminal Investigation (in service programme, London)

His research interests include all aspects of homicide investigation, investigative decision-making, investigating suspicious deaths, major crime reviews, and threat to life.


Dr ONeill has the following qualifications:

LLB (law degree), LLM (master in law), MSc (research), PhD, PGCE. PGCAP, and is now FHEA

His PhD (2011) is entitled: “What makes a successful volume crime investigator?”

Research and knowledge exchange

Dr ONeill currently has supervision for Masters Students and a PhD student

He is currently conducting research into an Advanced Detective Programme undertaken by Kent Police officers between 2003 and 2008.

Teaching and subject expertise

See profile for subject matter expertise. Dr ONeill currently has responsibilities in the following areas:

Module leader:

Level 5 Criminal Investigation (Canterbury)

Level 5: Evidence (Canterbury)

Level 6 Individual Study (Canterbury)

Level 5 Criminal Investigation (In service programme)

Level 7 Criminal Investigation (Canterbury)

Programme Director-University Diploma in Criminal Investigation (Kent Police investigators)

Dr ONeill is currently writing Level 6 modules in: Rape and domestic abuse investigation and major crime investigation

External activities

Occasional lecturer (gratis) for Maidstone charity RubiconCares in areas such as sexual offences, domestic abuse and stalking.

Publications and research outputs

Hallenburg, K., Tong, S., & O’Neill, M., (2016) “Watching the Detectives.” In Brunger, M., Tong, S., and Martin, D. (Eds.). Researching Policing: Taking Lessons from Practice. Routledge.

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O’Neill, M, (Due 2017) “Investigation, art or science?” In Milne, R. & Griffiths, A. (Eds.), Investigation: Psychology into practice. Routledge.


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