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Dr Samit Kundu

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922511

Profile summary

I am currently a senior lecturer in biological statistics at Canterbury Christ Church University where I mainly teach statistics and Bioinformatics (to an advanced level). My main research interests focus on the genetic diversity and epidemiology of infectious disease. I also have interests in conservation genetics and currently have a collaboration looking the genetic diversity of Pit viper species in Honduras. I did my PhD at Queen Mary University of London looking at the evolution of the immune system (with respect to social behaviour and mating system) in the African mole-rats. I have subsequently worked as a postdoctoral researcher at UCL (both in the Department of Biology and in the Division of Infection and Immunity as a bioinformatician), the University of Kent (at DICE) and at the Pirbright Institute (formerly the Institute for Animal Health, again as a bioinformatician).

Teaching and subject expertise

Module leader on two 3rd year Bioinformatics modules (Introduction to Bioinformatics and Bioinformatics 2). Teach statistics to 2nd year students on the Communications and Analysis module.

Publications and research outputs

Recent Publications

  • L.Weinert, D.Depledge, S. Kundu, A.Gershon, R.Nichols, F.Balloux, J.Welch, J.Breuer (2015). Rates of vaccine evolution show strong effects of latency: implications for Varicella Zoster Virus epidemiology. Molecular Biology and Evolution 32: pp 1020-1028.
  • P.Norberg, D.Depledge, S.Kundu, et al. (2015). Recombination of globally circulating Varicella Zoster Virus. Journal of Virology 89: pp 7133-7146.
  • D.Depledge, E.Gray, S.Kundu, S.Cooray, A.Poulsen, P.Aaby, J.Breuer (2014). Evolution of co-circulating Varicella-Zoster virus genotypes during a chickenpox outbreak in Guinea-Bissau. Journal of Virology 88: pp 13936-13946.
  • M.Christiansen, A.Brown, S.Kundu, H.Tutill, R.Williams, J.Brown, J.Holdstock, M.Holland, S.Stevenson, J.Dave, W.Tong, K.Einer-Jensen, D.Depledge, J.Breuer (2014). Whole-genome enrichment and sequencing of Chlamydia Trachomatis directly from clinical samples. BMC Infectious Diseases 14: pp 591.
  • D.Depledge, S.Kundu, N.Jensen, E.Gray, M.Jones, S.Steinberg, A.Gershon, P.Kinchington, D.Schmid, F.Balloux, R.Nichols, J.Breuer (2014). Deep Sequencing of viral genomes provides insight into the evolution and pathogenesis of Varicella Zoster Virus and its vaccine in humans. Molecular Biology and Evolution 31: pp 397-409.
  • S.Kundu, J.Lockwood, D. Depledge, Y. Chaudhry, A. Aston, K.Rao,J.Hartley, I.Goodfellow, J.Breuer (2013). Next-generation whole genome sequencing identifies direction of Norovirus transmission in linked patients. Clinical Infectious Diseases 57: pp 407-414.
  • S.Kundu, C.Faulkes, A.Greenwood, C.Jones, P.Kaiser, O.Lyne, S.Black, A.Chowrimootoo, J.Groombridge (2012). Tracking viral evolution during a disease outbreak: the rapid and complete selective sweep of a Circovirus in the endangered Echo parakeet. Journal of Virology 86: pp 5221-5229.
  • C.Raisin, A.Frantz, S.Kundu, A.Greenwood, C.Jones, N.Zuel, J.Groombridge (2012). Genetic consequences of intensive conservation management for the Mauritius parakeet. Conservation Genetics 13: pp 707-715.
  • M.Taylor, N.Bunbury, L.Chong-Seng, N.Doak, S.Kundu, R.Griffiths, J.Groombridge (2012). Evidence for evolutionary distinctiveness of a newly discovered population of sooglossid frogs on Praslin island, Seychelles. Conservation Genetics 13: pp 557-566.
  • S.Kundu, C.Jones, R.Prys-Jones, J.Groombridge (2012). The evolution of the Indian ocean parrots (Psittaciformes): extinction, adaptive radiation and eustacy. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 62: pp 296-305.


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